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Lian Li O11 Dynamic EVO Chassis Released – Features Reversible Design

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Lian Li recently released an updated version of its popular O11 series chassis. Meet the new Lian Li O11 Dynamic EVO Full Tower Gaming Case – a unique chassis that offers a reversible design. The chassis is capable of both left or right-side tempered glass display. The O11 Dynamic EVO also offers increased hardware support and moveable modular I/O with support for add-on top I/O mount accessory. Aside from the reversible design, the chassis has several optional accessories like a front mesh panel and upright GPU bracket. You can check out more details from the official news release below, including where to get one.

Meet The LIAN LI O11 Dynamic EVO Full Tower Gaming Case

LIAN LI Industrial Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of chassis and PC accessories, announces the evolution of the O11 series with the O11 Dynamic EVO. Inspired by previous designs of the O11D series and continuing on the collaboration with Der8auer, the O11D EVO’s final form is a result of community feedback.

Available in Black, White, or Harbor Grey, the O11D EVO introduces innovative features such as a reversible design to give users the option to display the PC on the left or right, larger components support, and improved cooling with 140mm fan support on all sides, a moveable modular I/O, as well as an array of accessories which improve cooling performance and customizes the aesthetic of the system.

Normal Mode – Reversible Mode

Without additional accessories, the O11D EVO offers the possibility to reverse the orientation of the chassis. The clever modularity and symmetrical design of the case allow the bottom part to be installed at the top, as well as all internals to be flipped, thus achieving a system that can be placed on the left side of the user while keeping the showcase feature classic to the O11D series.

Powerful Hardware and Cooling Ready

In order to keep up with the increasing requirement of new CPUs and GPUs, larger and more efficient cooling solutions become necessary. The O11D EVO can support CPU coolers up to 167mm in height, as well as graphics cards up to 422mm in length. Each top, side, and bottom bracket can support up to 3x 120mm or 2x 140mm fans.

For ease of installation, the top and bottom brackets can slide out of their mounting location and are interchangeable, while the side bracket can be flipped, via the release of a toolless latch, to adjust the clearance with top and bottom mounted hardware. In addition, a second PSU can be installed in the second chamber of the O11D EVO by removing the drive cage.

Customizable I/O Location and More

All I/O ports have been moved to an independent I/O module that can be quickly relocated to the bottom front, left, or right side of the case. This maintains a minimalist design on the front panel, which now only features a power button that wraps around the edge and can be pressed from both sides.

The O11D EVO features a built-in ARGB strip along the edge of the front glass panel. Controlled via the side panel LED buttons, the light strip supports motherboard sync mode and is compatible with the UNI HUB for L-Connect software control.

5 Additional Accessories

The O11D EVO is capable of even more with the addition of a wide selection of accessories.

Upright GPU Kit
The additional upright GPU kit is available for users seeking a more unique mounting GPU option — upright beside their motherboard. This position opens the main chamber and creates an unrestricted chimney-style configuration when doing custom water cooling or using AIOs. The kit comes with a PCIe 4.0 riser cable and includes an adjustable brace mechanism that helps keep thick or thin water-cooled GPUs sturdy in place.

Front Mesh Kit
For power users requiring improved performance, the front mesh panel kit turns the O11D EVO’s front panel into a large air intake surface and allows for the mounting of 3x120mm or 2x 140mm fans, creating a straight-through airflow which will improve CPU cooling performance and direct fresh air access to upright GPUs.

Vertical GPU Kit
Designed especially for the O11D EVO, the Vertical GPU Kit can be installed in a lower or higher position to offer more clearance at the bottom of the case. In the low position, up to 50mm of clearance is available for radiators and fans, in the higher position, a total of 90mm is available. The kit includes a PCIe 4.0 riser cable.

Top I/O Kit
Designed for users who prefer to keep their computer case on the floor, the top I/O kit uses the I/O ports from the original module and relocates them to the top aluminum strip for easier access.

Additional I/O Kit
Ideal for users who prefer to have their peripherals or dongles connected at the front, the Additional I/O Kit adds 2 USB 3.0 Type-A ports and a USB 3.1 Type C port.

Lian Li O11 Dynamic EVO Pricing and Availability

The O11D EVO is available for pre-order starting December 17, 2021. For a limited time, the black and white version of the O11D EVO will be offered at a $20 discount at Overclockers UK, Caseking, and Newegg, with Newegg shoppers also getting free shipping. For the latest pricing and availability, you can visit the links below.

Lian Li O11 Dynamic EVO Specifications

Dimension(D)465mm x (W)285mm x (H)459mm
ColorBlack / White / Harbor Grey
MotherboardE-ATX (width: under 280mm) / ATX / M-ATX / Mini-ITX
PSUATX (Max. length 200mm)
Material4mm Aluminum Exterior 4mm Tempered Glass 1mm Steel Structure
FanTop: 120mm x3 or 140mm x2
Side: 120mm x3 or 140mm x2
Bottom: 120mm x3 or 140mm x2
Rear: 120mm x1
Drive Cage: 60mm x1
RadiatorTop: 360mm x1 or 280mm x1   Total max. thickness: 87.5mm Side: 360mm x1 or 280mm x1    Inner scenario total max. thickness:
     83mm (120mm fan on top and bottom)
     63mm (140mm fan on top and bottom)
  Outer scenario total max. thickness:
    120mm(120mm fan on top and bottom)
    100mm(140mm fan on top and bottom)
Bottom: 360mm x1
  Total max. thickness: 87.5mm
GPU Length422mm
CPU Clearance167mm
StorageBottom: 2.5” SSD x4 or 3.5” HDD x2
Side: 2.5” SDD x4 or 3.5” HDD x2
Drive cage: 2.5” SSD x3 or 3.5” HDD x3 + 2.5” SSD x1
*Includes 9 sets of 2.5” SSD mounting pads
Expansion Slots8
I/O Ports2x USB 3.0
1x USB 3.1 Type-C
1x HD Audio/Mic
LED Color and Mode Button
Reset Button
Power Button
Dust Filter(Bottom) 1x magnetic
Warranty1 Year
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