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Lian Li V3000 Plus White GGF Edition Case Now Available in the US – Fully Supports RTX 4090 Cards

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Lian Li recently released a white GGF edition of its full tower case – meet the Lian Li V3000 Plus White GGF Edition chassis. This full tower case can support large, chunky graphics cards, even some of the fastest RTX 4090 graphics cards. It also has a lot of room for custom water cooling and cable management. What is unique about the V3000 Plus is that you can orient the motherboard in two ways: standard or rotated. It can also accommodate a dual-system configuration. The Lian Li V3000 Plus White GGF Edition is now available in the US. You can check out the news release below for more details and where to get one.

Lian Li V3000 Plus White Full Tower Case

LIAN LI Launches V3000 PLUS White GGF Edition Case

The Lian Li V3000 Plus White is the ideal choice for the enthusiast who wants plenty of space to build a custom white gaming PC. Boasting an impressive ability to facilitate three different modes of interior layout, this case is an ideal foundation for a wide range of builds.

New Look for an Old Favorite

The Lian Li V3000 Plus White keeps the same outstanding styling found on its black counterpart. The V3000 Plus has kept the impressive glass panels on each side but made them crystal clear, alongside changing the finish to a pure white. Thanks to these two factors combined, you can build a clean gaming PC that highlights your components.

Integrated within the front of the case is a single RGB strip. This subtle piece of lighting is easy to control, as the V3000 Plus features RGB controls on its front I/O. Alternatively, this strip can be connected to your motherboard, allowing for synchronized lighting effects. A small module is located at the base of this lighting strip, which projects Lian Li’s logo onto your desk.

Pretty Spacious Design

Whether white or black, the V3000 Plus is a marvel to behold. Standing at an impressive 674mm high, this chassis towers over many other cases. But this extra chonk is needed. This extra size allows the V3000 Plus to host a wide range of powerful components, from large E-ATX motherboards to full-sized GPUs such as NVIDIAs RTX 4090. The V3000 Plus has space for it all.

This emphasis on size gives the V3000 Plus some excellent versatility when it comes to building gaming PCs. In fact, it features three distinct modes for building your dream computer. The first mode is the standard mode, and this is how we’ve come to expect PCs to be built, with the motherboard positioned so that all the I/O exits out the back of the case. The second mode rotates this classic design ninety degrees so that the I/O exits out through the PSU chamber. This mode allows your GPU better access to cool air, helping to maintain its peak performance.

The final mode, thanks to the V3000 Plus being so large, allows you to build two computers inside its spacious main compartment. One motherboard can be mounted in the traditional position at the back of the chamber, but an additional motherboard can also be mounted to the PSU shroud. Each of these individual computers can be easily controlled, as this case features front I/O for both.

This emphasis on bigger is better extends to storage as well, as the V3000 Plus can accommodate up to sixteen storage drives spread across three locations. There is an impressive drive cage that alone can hold up to eight 3.5″ HDDs or 2.5″ SSDs. Additionally, four more 2.5″ SSDs can be mounted within the main chamber next to the motherboard. Four more SSDs can be easily installed behind the motherboard tray thanks to a tool-free design.

The Looks Aren’t the Only Cool Thing

The V3000 Plus catches your eye with its impressive styling, but what keeps you around is its performance. Even the most powerful modern hardware can be maintained at optimum temperatures within this chassis. This is thanks to the wide range of cooling solutions that can be installed within this chassis.

Starting with the fan’s options, of which there are plenty. Both the rotated and dual system modes allow you to utilize fifteen fans, while the standard mode has space for an amazing sixteen fans. There are mounting positions located at the front, top, and rear of the case, with additional mounting positions at the bottom and on top of the PSU chamber. The fans you can utilize in these positions range in size, with most able to accommodate 120mm or 140mm fans, while the top position even has space for a pair of 200mm fans. In addition to these outstanding fan options, there is scope for multiple radiators, with the smallest possible being 240mm and the largest 480mm.

Thanks to this outstanding cooling potential, the V3000 Plus is an ideal candidate to create a custom water-cooled gaming PC. To facilitate water cooling, this chassis features two mounting plates for either a DDC or D5 pump. What’s more, there is ample space for large reservoirs. One location for a reservoir is on top of the PSU shroud, which permits 275mm high reservoirs. Additionally, you can install up to a 345mm reservoir by moving the mounting plate inside the PSU chamber.

Pricing and Availability

The Lian Li V3000 Plus White GGF Edition full tower EATX gaming case is now available in the US. Currently, it retails for $509.99. You can check out the links below for the latest pricing and availability. (#ad)

Lian Li V3000 Plus White GGF Edition is available on here or here.

LIAN LI – V3000 PLUS White GGF Edition

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