Luxury & Precision L5 Pro DAP Review, Spoil Your Ears With HiFi Audio

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Luxury & Precision L5 Pro User Interface

Important note: The user interface below is version We are expecting that the company will release a new firmware anytime soon to address some issues and further improve the overall user experience when using the L5 Pro. The current version doesn’t support USB DAC or touch swipe function. But I am told that this will be featured in future firmware updates. I’ll definitely post updates if ever there are (major) changes in the user interface in future firmware versions. For now let’s take a look on the version below.

Luxury and Precision L5 Pro DAP Review-33 Luxury and Precision L5 Pro DAP Review-45 Luxury and Precision L5 Pro DAP Review-34

The Luxury & Precision L5 Pro uses a customized user interface. I’m not sure what is the base language or OS used, but it’s definitely not Android based, more like home brewed. Nevertheless, I think it’s very user friendly and the structure is not complicated at all. The user interface relies on touch interaction, although the current firmware is missing some touch features like swiping. For now, you are limited to the arrows and to scroll up or down. You can also use the three buttons on the side to navigate the menus.

The first image above (left hand side) is the first menu you will see, or the file explorer. There are two folders, one for the Internal Memory and another for the microSD Card (TF Card). Pressing any of those will reveal the files/folders in side (as shown in the middle picture). You can also view all the files by pressing the second tab, view by artist by pressing the third tab and view by album by pressing the fourth tab.

Pressing the gear icon (upper right hand corner) will let you access the options menu. Under the options menu you have the Play Mode, Equalizer options, Visualizations, Audio output settings, Update media library command and advanced options.

Luxury and Precision L5 Pro DAP Review-35 Luxury and Precision L5 Pro DAP Review-36 Luxury and Precision L5 Pro DAP Review-37

Above you will see the sub options under the Play Mode, Equalizer and Visualization menu. The current firmware doesn’t let you customize your own equalizer settings. You can only choose from 5 different presets, plus the normal settings. Future firmware may have customizable equalizer settings.

Luxury and Precision L5 Pro DAP Review-38 Luxury and Precision L5 Pro DAP Review-39 Luxury and Precision L5 Pro DAP Review-40

Under the Audio output settings, you get several different options. From the PA Gain, you can choose your preferred gain settings. The rest of the options are related to the output settings that affects the other 3.5mm line-out / coaxial digital output.

Luxury and Precision L5 Pro DAP Review-41 Luxury and Precision L5 Pro DAP Review-42 Luxury and Precision L5 Pro DAP Review-43

Finally under the advanced settings, you can change the language, set the auto shutdown time, set the sleep timer, change the display brightness, assign functions to C1/C2 keys, reset to default settings and view the system information.

Luxury and Precision L5 Pro DAP Review-44 Luxury and Precision L5 Pro DAP Review-47 Luxury and Precision L5 Pro DAP Review-48

From the system information above, you can see that the current firmware version is indeed It also shows the used and total capacities of both internal and external storage, as well as other information about the L5 Pro DAP.

The last two photos show how the Now Playing screen looks like. I’m not sure if the current look or layout will be changed in future updates, but so far the current Now Playing screen looks great to my eyes. I just wish they could also implement touch skipping along the timeline as well. That would be much faster to skip or jump to a certain point in the music.

Now let’s proceed to the next page and see how good (or bad) is the Luxury & Precision L5 Pro in terms of sound quality and performance.

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