Luxury & Precision L5 Pro DAP Review, Spoil Your Ears With HiFi Audio

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Testing and Subjective Listening

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I have been using the Luxury & Precision L5 Pro for more than a month now. Not sure how many exact hours, but I’m pretty sure I have recharged the L5 Pro several times already. I was told that the L5 Pro needs a significant number of hours to reach its optimal or best sounding state, so I was expecting that it may not sound good right out of box.

The first IEM I used with the L5 Pro was the Campfire Audio Lyra. I have been using this IEM almost every day, paired with the Hidizs AP100. More or less, my ears are very familiar with the sound signature of the setup. When I first plug the Lyra in the L5 Pro and listen to the usual music I listen to every day, I suddenly paused due to what I have heard. The sound that the Lyra produced was different. It still follows the sound signature of the Lyra, but when paired with the L5 Pro I think it sounded the way how Campfire Audio really intended the Lyra to sound like. To my ears, it sounded like I just plug my Lyra in my desktop setup, and not on a portable device.

Honestly, it’s a little bit tricky to test and do subjective listening with a DAP or digital audio player. IEMs, CIEMs and headphones are much easier to describe since their sound signature is much easier to distinguish. But with DAC/AMP or DAP, it may take an experienced ear to distinguish one from another. I do not claim that I have golden ears, or have at least experienced tons of DAC/AMPs and DAPs already. But I can tell you, to my ears the Luxury & Precision L5 Pro sounds fantastic! Right out of the box, it felt like a huge upgrade from the Hidisz AP100, sound quality alone.

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I also paired the L5 Pro with some of my audio gear, like the B&W P7, Master & Dynamic MH40, Heir Audio 8.A CIEM and newly acquired Feenix Aria. All of them sounded fantastic with the L5 Pro and it didn’t have any problem driving them, thanks to the 5 gain settings you can choose from. Hissing was not a problem at all, and depending on the IEM or headphone you use, it may be non-existent at all. If you have a very sensitive IEM, simply switch to a lower (or the lowest) gain setting, and your background should be as dark as black.

To my ears, the Luxury & Precision L5 Pro sounds a little bit warm right out of the box. After several hours of use, it became neutral sounding but still slightly leaning towards the warm side. It has a smooth and fun sound characteristic, and I don’t think that it’s analytical in anyway. Depending on your headphone or IEM, it can exhibit a good amount of extension that extends well on both sides (high and low), in short very dynamic. It’s definitely full bodied and doesn’t sound thin or fatiguing. If you are listening to lossless or high resolution audio files, you can hear every layer of sound with impressive amount of detail and clarity.

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If you have a favorite amplifier, you can also pair the L5 Pro easily. During my tests, I paired ALO Audio’s flagship DAC / AMP, the Continental Dual Mono, via the line out using ALO Audio’s SXC 8 Mini to Mini interconnect. Again, the synergy is just fantastic! Magnifique! You get a smooth sounding L5 Pro powered with tube amplification.

Like I said before, my current user experience and subjective analysis is based on the firmware version. If ever there are changes in future updates I will update this review. Now let’s proceed to the conclusion part of my L5 Pro review.

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