Matrix Audio mini-i Pro + 2015 Review – A Balanced DAC with Headphone AMP


Price and Where to Buy

The Matrix Audio mini-i Pro + 2015 is available now and comes with a retail price of $519.95. It’s available in Black or Silver and can be ordered from Matrix Audio US here or here. It also comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Matrix Audio mini-i Pro + 2015 Review: Conclusion

We all have different ears, thus we have different perspective, tastes, and preference. For me the Matrix Audio mini-i Pro+ 2015 is a very competitive and promising desktop DAC with Headphone Amp considering its price. I’m not saying that it’s the best out there since there’s always something better. But for the price, for me it’s definitely one of the best in its price rage. It left me with a good impression and it definitely didn’t disappoint.

Now, I haven’t tried the older 2014 model so I am not sure if there is a change in the sound quality/signature. But I don’t see the mini-i Pro 2014 model being listed anymore, so I guess Matrix Audio intends to replace the old one with this new model.

Matrix Audio mini-i Pro+ 2015 Review-14

In terms of build quality, it’s definitely solid and built like a tank. Most area of the body looks plain, but the front OLED display adds attraction, to complement its simplicity. I just which Matrix Audio could have maximize the extra space in the front section for more display functions, like visualization or spectrum display. When it comes to sound quality, you’ll have to back read on that.

Finally, the Matrix Audio mini-i Pro+ 2015 is an overall well-rounded DAC/Amp, with lots of features, support for different audio formats and connectivity options. I think it would make a superb investment specially if you are looking to upgrade your desktop’s (or sound system’s) audio quality.

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