MrSpeakers Ether Flow Review – The Best Open Back Headphone I’ve Tested So Far!

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Build Quality and Comfort

The MrSpeakers Ether Flow features a balanced termination and the cable can be detached easily from the plugs.  These are the Isamwoo SN-8-4(P) connectors, size 8 with 4 contact points. The cables can be easily attached to the plug by making sure it fits the corresponding holes, like a key on a lock.

The Ether Flow uses a “Y” type dual entry DUM braided cables that is about 6 feet long. You can choose whether you want a 3.5mm plug, a 4-pin balanced plug or a 2.5mm balanced plug on the other end. If are wondering why they are called “DUM”, DUM basically stands for “Distinctly-un-magical” cables. (Err okay…)  According to the company, DUM uses no magic copper crystals or pixie dust insulators, and it’s basically a 24-guage (per conductor) OFHC cable.

In terms of built quality, it feels very solid and premium on hand. The bulk of the weight is on the drivers, unlike most common headphones where the headband contributes to the weight of the headphone. The headband is literally light as there are only the NiTinol memory metal and the leather on the headband section. The memory metal is surprisingly sturdy as it can withstand twists and bends. Although, I find no reason why you should extremely twist and bend the headband just to see how far it will go before sustaining permanent damage.

Right out of its box, the headband doesn’t have that strong clamping force. The force is just enough to seal both sides of the headphones on your head. The lamb-leather earpads feel soft and comfortable; as it hugs the surrounding of your ear and sealing it properly. I don’t wear eye glasses so I can’t comment if it’s okay to wear the headphone while wearing a glasses at the same time. Also, if you are not used to full sized headphones, probably you’re an earphone / IEM guy like me before; you may need some time to get used to.

The leather headband that sits on your head is adjustable. There are no indicators, guide or click feeling on both sides, so you’ll just have to look at the tabs as you slide it. Tilt and swivel have limited movement, just enough to adjust to the contours of your head. You can’t do “DJ-style” or put the headphone around your neck.

I tried to open one side of the Ether Flow’s driver, hoping that I could show you the magnets and diagram section. Unfortunately, I was only able to remove the ear pad, the outer ring that holds the earpad, and a foam. However, you can see from the third photo above, the holes where the sound comes out form the diaphragm.

So how does the Ether Flow sounds like? Continue on the next page for my subjective listening experience.

MrSpeakers Ether Flow and Flow C available at here or MrSpeakers shop here
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