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MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon AM4 Motherboard Review

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MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon UEFI BIOS

The BIOS is pretty much straight forward, nothing too fancy but it has the essential things you need. It has an EZ (easy) mode and advanced mode. I do recommend that you update to the latest and stable BIOS version. For instance, when we got this unit it didn’t come with the latest BIOS version and I can only use up to 2933MHZ of the RAM speed. After updating to the latest, which is E732AMS.140, I was able to get the memory running at 3200MHz, with a CPU (1700X) overclock to 3.9GHz, stable.

Going to advance mode gives you more control over the settings. You can check the motherboard settings, tweak and overclock your CPU or memory, save OC profiles and even check and monitor the status of your installed hardware. You can also drag and drop which drive you want to boot first, on the upper portion.

The OC settings and tweaking options are pretty simple. You get basic control and adjustment for the CPU, DRAM and voltages. It doesn’t have any extreme tweaking options that are meant for extreme overclockers, like the ones we usually see on top of the line motherboards. If you’re not an (extreme) overclocker, don’t worry if those tweaking options are not present since you may not use them anyway. The BIOS options on this motherboard was enough to get our 1700X running at  3.9GHz and our 1600X and 1700 running at 4GHz, stable.

MSI X370 Bundled Apps

MSI has bundled the X370 Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard with various apps, some of which are not really necessary at all. Good thing is you don’t need to install them all, or you don’t have to install any of these apps and utilities if you don’t need them.

Some of these bundled apps are the following: MSI Command Center, MSI Gaming App, MSI Dragon Eye, MSI X-Boost, MSI Gaming LAN Manager, MSI Live Update 6, MSI RAMDisk, Super Charger, WTFast, XSplit, Nahimic 2 and SteelSeriesEngine 3.

The apps that I find useful and I think needs to be installed are the Command Center and Gaming App, and probably the Live Update 6 as well. Again, depending on your need, you may or may not need to install the other apps.

Now let’s proceed to the next page and see how capable this motherboard is…

Latest pricing and availability of MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon here:
For US available at: B&H here or eBay here
For UK available at: Amazon UK here
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