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NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti Is Coming – Features GM200 Maxwell Chip

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According to latest rumors, NVIDIA will be unveiling a new graphics card sometime in summer, or probably by the end of summer. The graphics card is said to be the GeForce GTX 980 Ti and will feature the same GM200 Maxwell chip we saw on the GeForce GTX TITAN X. According to SweClockers, the upcoming flagship will feature 3072 CUDA cores but half the memory capacity compared to the TITAN X. More details below.

nvidia geforce gtx 980 ti

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti with 3072 CUDA Cores

While it is no longer a mystery to us that the company will be releasing a certain GeForce GTX 980 Ti soon, we just don’t know yet its feature and specifications. But according to SweClocker, the upcoming GTX 980 Ti will feature a full 3072 CUDA Cores, just like the TITAN X.

The GTX 980 Ti will also be clocked 10% higher than the TITAN X, but it will only have 6GB of VRAM which is half of the TITAN X’s total memory. The big question now is how fast will the upcoming GTX 980 Ti be, considering that is has similar specifications compared to the TITAN X, except for the memory, and how will NVIDIA price the said graphics card. We will just have to wait for more information to come out in the future.

Meanwhile, it seems that NVIDIA has already planned to release the GTX 980 Ti, to counter AMD’s upcoming R9 300 series graphics card. According to previous rumors, AMD’s flagship R9 390X Fiji will be faster than any of NVIDIA’s graphics card. But we will just have to wait when real reviews and actual benchmarks are released.

Unlike the TITAN X, we are expecting that the different AIB’s will implement their custom cooling solution or probably custom PCBs as well with the upcoming GTX 980 Ti. On the other hand we are also expecting another GeForce GTX graphics card, probably named the GTX 960 Ti or GTX 965. Unfortunately no additional information has surfaced so far.

Source: SweClockers

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