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NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN Black Edition and GeForce GTX 790 Specs, Price and Release Date

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NVIDIA is planning to released two new high end graphics card based on the current GK110 Kepler silicon – the GeForce GTX TITAN Black Edition and GeForce GTX 790 Dual GPU. It’s actually an upgraded model of their existing graphics card and these two graphics card are expected to be released, if not together, somewhere near the official releasing of the GeForce GTX 750 Ti Maxwell graphics card.

nvidia geforce gtx titan black edition and geforce gtx 790

NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN Black Edition

This is probably going to be a refreshed or improve version of its predecessor the GTX TITAN or GTX 780 Ti. And based on its name alone, we are expecting that this graphics card will have a Black reference cooler design. The GTX TITAN, when first released, offered some promising performance but the price was killing it. The GTX TITAN further became less attractive when the GTX 780 and GTX 780 Ti were released.

The new GeForce GTX TITAN Black Edition is said to feature the same GPU as with the GTX 780 Ti, and will feature 6GB memory buffer and more FP64 CUDA cores. The TITAN Black Edition has 48ROPs, 240 TMUs, 2880 CUDA cores and a 384bit GDDR5 memory interface. In a gist, expect that the GTX TITAN BE will perform better than the GTX 780 Ti.

The GeForce GTX TITAN Black Edition is expected to have a suggested retail price of $999, replacing the old TITAN. Although there is no specific release date yet, the graphics card is expected to be released in February 2014.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 790

Meanwhile, the GeForce GTX 790 is expected to be a beast. But the GTX 790 is not your typical dual GPU graphics card. The GeForce GTX 790 will not have a full GK110 cores, instead it will only have a total of 4992 CUDA cores and will only have a 320bit memory interface instead of 384bit. Total memory is said to be only 10GB GDDR5 and will have a TDP of 300W. So basically it’s not a dual GTX 780.

Price is currently unknown for the GTX 790 but definitely expect that this will have a very expensive price point. The GeForce GTX 790 is also expected to be released after the GTX TITAN BE is released somewhere in February or March.

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