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NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN X Revealed – Features, Specs and Price? Mostly Withheld!

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In a recent event, NVIDIA has finally revealed their next big TITAN graphics card, the NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN X. The TITAN X was revealed by NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang himself at the Epic Game’s GDC 2015. Unfortunately, NVIDIA’s CEO didn’t disclose much detail regarding the new flagship. But he did say that it’s “the most advanced GPU ever”. It features 12GB of VRAM, has 8 billion transistors and is based on the latest Maxwell architecture. Based on previous reports, it has a full GM200 chip with 3072 CUDA cores and a 384-bit memory interface, yet to be confirmed. We will know more about the GeForce TITAN X in another event, at the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference two weeks from now.

UPDATE: Added close up photos courtesy. See below.

NVIDIA GeForce TITAN X – “The Most Advanced GPU Ever”

It looks like the design of the GeForce GTX TITAN X is pretty much familiar and similar with the previous TITANs. However, notice that the whole graphics card itself has a matte black finish already. There’s no “X” label on the shroud, only the word TITAN (which may have a white backlight). There’s also a two pin SLI connectors, this means that a 4-way TITAN X SLI configuration is very much possible.

The TITAN X’s price was also undisclosed and will probably be revealed together with the rest of its features and specifications in the upcoming event. But expect that the card will be a very expensive, probably more expensive when the previous TITAN was first released (or probably not).

The first GeForce TITAN X was then turned over to Tim Sweeney, Epic CEO, where it will be put to good use in developing games.

Here’s an excerpt from NVIDIA’s blog:

“Thief in the Shadows” was created by the Weta Digital talent behind the Hobbit movies. The VR experience runs exclusively on Oculus’s “Crescent Bay” prototype, leveraging the muscle of a TITAN X GPU to deliver the jaw-dropping experience at a smooth 90 frames per second.

“When you come face-to-face with an enormous dragon that experience has to be believable, visceral and emotional,” said Alasdair Coull, head of R&D at Weta Digital. “NVIDIA’s new TITAN X GPUs provide the platform to deliver exactly that.”

“‘Thief in the Shadows’ would not exist without NVIDIA’s support and amazing hardware,” Tim said. “Together with Unreal Engine 4 and Oculus Crescent Bay, these three pieces of technology place the viewer inside a virtual world of unparalleled detail and action.”

In “Thief in the Shadows” viewers will not only experience the VR world’s visual richness. They’ll hear it, too. That’s thanks to the demo’s spatial audio effects Epic integrated into the experience and driven by the Oculus Audio SDK. The result: viewers will feel as if they’ve really explored a dragon’s lair and come face to face with Smaug himself.

LegitReviews was able to get some close up photos of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN X.

Image courtesy of LegitReviews

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