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NVIDIA GTX Titan II, GTX 980 Ti, AMD R9 390X and R9 380X Benchmarks Leaked

Now here’s something really interesting about the kind of graphics cards that we are going to see in 2015. According to latest rumors, a certain benchmark of the AMD Fiji XT (ES), AMD Bermuda (ES), NVIDIA GM200 (cut-down), and NVIDIA GM200 (full-fat) surfaced. These graphics cards are rumored to be the AMD Radeon R9 380X, R9 390X, GeForce GTX 980 Ti and GTX Titan II respectively. The benchmark graphs were leaked from ChipHell a couple of days ago. Check out the leaked benchmarks below.

AMD R9 390X and R9 380X vs NVIDIA GTX Titan II and GTX 980 Ti

First of all, let me remind you that this is just a rumor / leaked results, with no way to confirm whether it’s true or not. Second we are also not sure if the Fiji XT, Bermuda, GM200 and GM200 full are the mentioned graphics card above. Without further delays, the leaked benchmarks:

GeForce GTX 980 Ti vs Radeon R9 280X

GeForce GTX TITAN II vs Radeon R9 390X

More or less you already have an idea about what the leaked benchmark results are telling us. Now let’s get into details and the story behind the graphs above.

According the source of the leak, AMD’s next generation graphics cards (Fiji XT and Bermuda) are based on a 20nm manufacturing process from Globalfoundries. 20nm was something that NVIDIA fans were expecting to see with the 900 series. I guess 2014 was not the year of 20nm chips.

Second, the source claims that the Fiji XT, a.k.a. “Captain Jack”, will not be an extreme or flagship graphics card. That’s why many are thinking that this is the Radeon R9 380X. On the other hand, the Bermuda XT is said to be 65% faster than the R9 290X, and based on the leaked benchmark above, it’s even faster than the GM200 full fat.

The Bermuda XT, most probably the Radeon R9 390X, is said to feature a Hydro+Air cooling solution (also known as Hydra), and this information was already leaked months ago. The R9 390X is rumored to have around 4480-4736 stream processors, while the R9 380X has around 3584-3840 cores.

Moving on to the Green side, the GM200 (cut down) is faster than the GTX 980, and it’s believed to be the GTX 980 Ti. But a certain GM200 with a full blown (full-fat) cores is much faster than the GM200, way faster than the GTX 980. This is believed to be the next generation Titan, most probably the GTX TITAN II.

The GeForce GTX TITAN II is rumored to have up to 3072 CUDA Cores and is said to be 34% faster than the GTX 980. Meanwhile the cut-down version, or GTX 980 Ti, only has 2688 CUDA Cores. Nevertheless, there is still a huge performance different between the GTX 980 and rumored GTX 980 Ti.

Regardless of the price performance, I think the price still plays a major role in the decision making of a user. The performance seems very impressive, but what if it will be a very expensive card. Let’s just hope that either AMD or NVIDIA will try to make their graphics card as affordable as possible.

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