NZXT Introduces DOKO – A PC Streaming Device Pitting You PC Anywhere

NZXT recently introduced DOKO, a unique PC streaming device that brings you the full functionality of your PC anywhere in your home. The NZXT DOKO is basically a PC streaming device that connects to your network and allows you to easily use your PC in the comfort of your living room. Run office software, stream limitless media content and play PC exclusive titles – do anything and everything your PC can do, anywhere in your home. Check out more features, specifications, price and availability from the official release below.

NZXT Doko-01

NZXT DOKO Features

Highlighted Features:

  • Stream Your PC Anywhere in Your Home
  • 1080p 30fps PC Streaming
  • Four USB ports with USB Over IP technology
  • Low Latency Streaming (50-80ms)
  • Unchain the Power and Game Library of Your Desktop
  • Seamless Connectivity to Multiple PCs (Including Notebooks)
  • Wide Support for USB Input Devices
  • Perfect for Media Streaming Via Local PC Using Netflix and More

The current problem with modern PC streaming technologies and set-top boxes is that they all come with their own pre-defined limitations. TV boxes are restricted to their own set of media channels, file formats and limited applications. PC game streaming and screen mirroring devices are all restricted by their own platforms, proprietary technologies or latency issues.

NZXT Doko-02

Utilizing a gigabit connection to your network, DOKO offers low latency (50-80ms) high definition (1080p, 30fps) streaming with unparalleled compatibility. And unlike current streaming devices and set-top boxes, DOKO offers four USB ports with USBoverIP technology. With this technology, plugging a USB device into DOKO is just like plugging that USB device into the PC that is being streamed, no matter how far away. This gives you the freedom to use the input devices you already own and are used to.


Freeing you from the restrictions of current PC game streaming technologies, DOKO lets you play any game your PC can, all in the comfort of your living room. No proprietary software or hardware necessary. Whether you want to play a browser game, emulated ROM, Origin title, Steam title, Ubisoft title – the options are unrestricted. It’s a great way to experience local multiplayer PC titles in the living room with your friends!

NZXT Doko-03

DOKO brings you the same exact browsing and desktop experience as your PC so you’ll never have to deal with a lackluster internet browsing experience again. With DOKO, you can have the perfect multimedia experience in the living room with absolutely no need for another “HTPC” system or media device. View web-exclusive content, stream peer-to-peer files, view high definition media files and more without any channel, application or compatibility restrictions. If your PC can watch it, so can DOKO.

NZXT Doko-04
NZXT Doko-05

NZXT DOKO Specifications

Model NumberAC-DOKOM-M1
DimensionsW: 108mm H: 29mm D:121mm
Included AccessoriesEthernet Cable, Power Cable
CPUWonder Media 8750
Memory256MB DDR3
Boot Storage8MB SPII Flash
Network ConnectivityGigabit Ethernet
Video OutputHDMI 1.3 or higher
Audio OutputHeadphone Port
Video Signal1080p @ 30FPS
Power12V 2.5A DC Adapter
Accessory Connection4x USB 2.0, USBOIP
MaterialsRubberized Coating, ABS Plastic, PCB
Warranty2 Years

Price and Availability

The NZXT DOKO is available now for just $99.99 at the NZXT Armory Store. The company is also offering a 2 year warranty for this product.

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