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Patriot Ignite 240GB SSD Review, Features Phison S10 Controller

Price and Availability

The Patriot Ignite SSD is now available. At the time this review was published, the Ignite SSD series retails for $79.99 for the 240GB, $164.99 for the 480GB and $319 for the 960GB. The SSD is also back with a limited 3 year warranty from the manufacturer.

Patriot Ignite 240GB SSD Review: Conclusion

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So how did the Patriot Ignite 240GB performed based on our tests? To be honest, read speed is good since it’s able to reach (sequential) 500MB/s and above. Most SSDs in the market can easily hit this level of sequential read speed. So it would be unforgivable if a certain SSD could not even hit this mark. When it comes to write speed, it’s definitely not the fastest, and is trailing behind other SSDs in the market like the HyperX Savage (which is also features Phison S10), or Crucial’s BX100 SSD that is geared towards the budget conscious.

However, speed is not the only factor to consider when buying an SSD. Otherwise, the Samsung 850 Pro would have a monopoly in the market, if speed is all that matters. The 850 Pro is indeed the fastest SSD 2.5″ SATA based in the market, however not everyone can afford this SSD. Price and set of features are also things that are considered when buying an SSD. While Patriot doesn’t have a proprietary software for their SSDs, the Ignite comes with TRIM (a must features in SSDs), end-to-end data path protection, advanced wear-leveling (making sure that flash are evenly worn-out), advanced garbage collection, ECC recovery and Native Command Queuing.

The Patriot Ignite may not be able to compete in terms of sheer performance, but it can compete in terms of pricing. As of writing this review, the Ignite series (240GB, 480GB and 960GB) is priced respectively at $79.99, $164.99 and $319. Compared to other brands like the HyperX Savage, Mushkin’s M. Striker and even Samsung 850 Evo, the Ignite is the cheapest around. Currently, I am using the Patriot Ignite 240GB with my Asus Vivobook laptop. The overall performance and responsiveness of the laptop is somewhat similar compared to when I was using my laptop with the HyperX Savage and Crucial BX100.

Finally, Patriot is offering an affordable solution for you to upgrade from your hard disk drive (that could be slowing down your system) and move into the fast lane with their Ignite series SSD. If you are looking for a really cheap SSD from a known company, the Patriot Ignite may be the answer to your needs. However, if sheer performance is what you are looking for, you may need to look somewhere else.


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