Phanteks Enthoo Mini XL Case Revealed – Supports Both Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX Motherboards


Phanteks has recently revealed two new Enthoo cases geared towards the enthusiast community. One of the new Enthoo series case is the Phanteks Enthoo Mini XL, a unique case where you could literally install a micro-ATX motherboard and a mini-ITX motherboard at the same time. Aside from being a “2-in-1” case, the Enthoo Mini XL has lots of storage options, can support lots of fans, and fully supports custom water cooling setup. Check out more details about the new Phanteks Enthoo Mini XL case.

Phanteks Enthoo Mini XL Case Features and Specs

Phanteks Enthoo Mini XL Case

The Phanteks Enthoo Mini XL is one of the coolest enthusiast micro-ATX cases I’ve seen during Computex 2014. It’s basically a micro-ATX case, but it measures 260mm x 480mm x 550mm, almost the size of a regular mid tower case. At first glance, it looks like the Enthoo Primo (if you are familiar with it), but it’s pretty different inside.

The front panel is located on the upper front portion of the case. The front panel includes a power button, reset button, two USB 3.0 ports, a mic and headphone ports. The Enthoo Mini XL has removable dust filters on the front and bottom section. It has optional Drop-N-Lock SSD mounting on the left side HDD cage area, as well as on the other side of the case.

The Phanteks Enthoo Mini XL supports long graphics card, up to 290mm with the HDD cage, and up to 412mm with the HDD cage removed. The main power supply is located on the upper rear portion of the case, “thermally isolated” according to Phanteks. You can also install a slim PSU at the lower portion using an optional rear panel.

Phanteks also made the Enthoo Mini XL to have detachable parts, making it easier for case modders to customize the case further. HDD cages are removable and tool-free as well. I count a total of 11 storage slots for both HDD and SSD. Phantek also included a PWM hub and Hook-N-loop cable ties.

The Phanteks Enthoo Mini XL has lots of fan options for optimal CPU and GPU cooling. Not only that, its support for various full custom water cooling configurations is just impressive as well, including thick radiators. And on top of all those features, this case is capable of supporting dual system configuration. Meaning you can install both a micro-ATX motherboard and a mini-ITX motherboard and use them at the same time.

Watch the video presentation of the Phanteks Enthoo Mini XL below:

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