PNY GeForce GTX 1060 6GB Review – Great for 1080p Gaming!

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Packaging and Closer Look

The PNY GTX 1060 6GB comes in a simple rectangular packaging. Inside the box you get the GTX 1060 together with a driver installation CD, a quick user guide or manual and a 6-pin PCIe adapter in case your current PSU doesn’t have one. But seriously, if you are on a custom build PC, I recommend that you get a better 80 Plus power supply from a reliable brand. Most modern day PSUs do come with a 6-pin and 8-pin PCIe power connector(s) dedicated for graphics cards.

Above you can see the front and back view of the graphics card. It’s very simple and doesn’t have any LED lighting. It also doesn’t have a back plate since the graphics card is fairly light and doesn’t sag when installed.

The PNY GTX 1060 6GB has three DiplayPorts, one HDMI port and one DVI port. The aluminum fins are position horizontally so expect some heat to exhaust through those honeycomb vent holes. It draws power from a 6-pin PCIe power connector located at the other end of the graphics card.

Removing the cooler of the PNY GTX 1060 was very easy. As you can see from the photos above, the cooler features a combination of aluminum fin arrays, aluminum plate and two copper heatpipes. You can also see that the VRAMs and MOSFETs are passively cooled by the aluminum plate that is then connected to the aluminum fins. It’s a simple cooler design but it pretty much covers everything.

Above is a closer look of the front and rear view of the GTX 1060’s PCB.

Above is a closer look at the GP106-400-A1 chip based on a 16nm fab process, with 4.4 billion transistor count, a die size of 200 mm² and 1280 CUDA cores. The GPU is surrounded by six Samsung K4G80325FB-HC25 GDDR5 memory rated to run at 2000MHz or 8000MHz effective.

Now time to put the PNY GTX 1060 to the test…

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