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Roccat Ryos MK Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Specs, Price, Reviews and Where to Buy

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Roccat has recently released and made available their first and latest mechanical gaming keyboard lineup, the Roccat Ryos MK mechanical gaming keyboards. It compose of the Ryos MK Advanced (no key illumination), the Ryos MK Glow (with key illumination), and the most fully featured one – the Roccat Ryos MK Pro. It is powered with, not one, but two 32-bit ARM Cortex processors, and features a per-key illumination. This is the first time I see a mechanical gaming keyboard where you can fully customize not only the keys and macros of the keyboard, but the LED lighting as well. It comes with a software development kit for the per-key illumination. You can also choose from four different Cherry MX switches. Check out the rest of the features, specs, price and where you can buy a Ryos MK Pro below. Oh, there’s also a video reviews below for you to see this kick-ass mechanical gaming keyboard in action.

While you might think that the Ryos MK Glow seems to be the fully featured one, the Roccat Ryos MK Pro even takes that further where no mechanical gaming keyboard has come. Before Roccat released its first mechanical gaming keyboard, there are hundreds of mechanical gaming keyboards already available on the market. So in order for Roccat to get the attention of the PC enthusiasts and gaming community they have to make their keyboard standout from the rest, and must have a feature that no other keyboard has the same feature. This is where the Ryos MK Pro comes in.

Roccat Ryos MK Pro Key Features

The Roccat Ryos MK Pro is the most fully featured mechanical gaming keyboard in its lineup, not to mention it comes with a higher price tag, even compared to other mechanical gaming keyboards out there. It features everything that the Ryos MK Advanced and MK Glow have, plus many more.

Roccat Ryos MK Pro Review

The Ryos MK Pro is powered by a twin 32-bit ARM Cortex processor, that’s right not one but two of them. The first one handles every function of the MK Pro, meanwhile the other MCU is dedicated only to the per-key illumination. This gives it the endless possibilities that you can do and customize with its LED lighting. If you have seen the introductory video above, it shows that you can virtually program the LED lighting like visualizations, perhaps sound meter, health and mana status, volume, and many more.

On the rear side of the MK Pro are integrated media hub comprising of two USB 2.0 ports, and audio in/out pass-through one the other side. While the Ryos MK Advanced and MK Glow only gets Cherry MX Black switch, with the Ryos MK Pro you can choose from Cherry Black, Brown, Blue and Red switches. Of course it also features the same Easy-Shift, fully customizable keys, store up to 500 macros, Roccat R.A.D, N-Key Rollover and advanced anti-ghosting features. I have rounded up some Roccat Ryos MK Pro reviews/overview below for your convenience.

Roccat Ryos MK Pro Specifications

  • Two 32-bit ARM Cortex processors + 2 MB of flash memory
  • Per-key illuminated mechanical keyboard with 113 keys
  • Advanced anti-ghosting with N-key rollover
  • Choice of four CHERRY MX key switches
  • 3 programmable thumbster keys (T1 – T3)
  • 5 programmable macro keys (M1 – M5)
  • 94 other programmable keys
  • 1000 hz polling rate, 1 ms response time
  • 1.8 m rear-exit braided cable
  • 1 x audio in, 1 x audio out, 2 x USB 2.0 ports
  • Dimensions: 3.4 cm X 50.8 cm

Models available:

  • Black Cherry MX Key Switch (ROC-12-851-BK)
  • Brown Cherry MX Key Switch (ROC-12-851-BN)
  • Blue Cherry MX Key Switch (ROC-12-851-BE)
  • Red Cherry MX Key Switch (ROC-12-851-RD)

System requirements

  • Windows® XP/Windows Vista® 32/64-bit/Windows® 7 32/64-bit
  • Windows® 8 / Windows® 8 Pro
  • USB 2.0 port
  • Internet connection for driver installation

Price and Where to Buy

The Roccat Ryos MK Pro has a suggested retail price of $169.99 and comes with free shipping when you order via the links below. Release date or shipping of the MK Pro starts on November 18, 2013.

  • Black Cherry MX Key Switch (ROC-12-851-BK) here
  • Brown Cherry MX Key Switch (ROC-12-851-BN) here
  • Blue Cherry MX Key Switch (ROC-12-851-BE) here
  • Red Cherry MX Key Switch (ROC-12-851-RD) here

Roccat Ryos MK Pro Reviews

Rene Korte CEO of Roccat demos the Ryo MK Pro. The video below is courtesy of Network World Videos.

Unfortunately, the videos above weren’t able to fully demonstrate the full potential of the LED lighting system. They haven’t used the developers kit yet, and was not able to produce the same lighting effects from the intro video above. But I’m pretty sure this is a really cool keyboard, and I’m pretty much excited to get one myself.

Excited about the new mechanical keyboard? You can order one now below, comes with free shipping.
Roccat Ryos MK Pro Black Cherry MX Key Switch (ROC-12-851-BK)
Roccat Ryos MK Pro Brown Cherry MX Key Switch (ROC-12-851-BN)
Roccat Ryos MK Pro Blue Cherry MX Key Switch (ROC-12-851-BE)
Roccat Ryos MK Pro Red Cherry MX Key Switch (ROC-12-851-RD)

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