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Swiftech H220-X CPU Liquid Cooling Kit Released – See Features, Specs and Price

A few days ago, Swiftech has announced the company’s latest all in one CPU liquid cooling kit – the Swiftech H220-X. The patent pending H220-X features a dual 120mm copper radiator paired with an enthusiast grade pump and water block. Check out its features, specifications, price and availability below.

Swiftech H220-X reviews

Swiftech H220-X Features

As in previous Swiftech offerings, the product remains entirely focused on low to inaudible operating noise with extreme thermal performance, and it is engineered to appeal to the broadest possible spectrum of performance oriented users ranging from casual to hard-core enthusiasts.

For Casual Users:

  • The kit is shipped factory pre-filled, ready for plug-and-play installation, and it is maintenance free during its warranty period.
  • Both Swiftech’s powerful MCP30 pump and high-pressure Helix fans are PWM compliant devices, allowing the H220-X to be recognized and speed-controlled by the motherboard depending on CPU temperature, just like a regular cooling fan.
  • As a bonus, the system also includes our PWM splitter allowing connection of up to 8 PWM devices which can then be controlled as one by the motherboard.
  • Finally, thanks to a clear and user-friendly pictorial installation guide, it could not be easier to install and setup!

For Enthusiast Users

  • The system can be entirely customized thanks to easily replaceable tubing and fittings.
  • Thanks to its powerful pump it can support additional liquid cooled components such as graphics cards and/or additional radiator(s).
  • The factory fittings can now be upgraded to any G1/4 compatible after-market fittings (an optional adapter is needed for the pump outlet and will be available shortly), which will allow enthusiast users to upgrade their system to 1/2″ ID tubing if they wish to.

The H220-X leverages Swiftech’s patent pending technology initially developed for the MCR-X20 Drive series of radiators, in which the pump is fully integrated into the radiator instead of being built into the waterblock. It features a compact dual 120 mm copper and brass radiator, a built-in backlit reservoir with visible coolant level, and Swiftech’s recently released flagship Apogee XL waterblock for extreme cooling performance.

According to Gabriel Rouchon, Swiftech’s chairman and CEO: “Our patent pending technology is the result of years of development and it clearly demonstrates Swiftech’s ability to think outside the box. The H220-X CPU cooling kit embodies everything we stand for at Swiftech: innovation, performance, quality, and most importantly an unwavering dedication to our customers. I also want to take this opportunity to thank the entire staff at Swiftech for the passion and perseverance that have led us to this moment. Development of the H220-X has allowed us to implement several enhancements to the pump that is also at the heart of the original H220 kit, and the H220 will continue to be marketed in regions where intellectual property rights are not disputed; in the end, both H220 and H220-X have greatly benefited from these efforts, and I look forward to see them fill different market niches based on users tastes and preferences”.
Swiftech H220-X specifications

Swiftech H220-X Specifications

Radiator with integrated pump (1 each)
Radiator MaterialBrass tubes, louvered copper fins
Radiator Body dimensions247mm x 126mm x 115mm
Radiator Fill-port thread classG 1/4
Radiator Barb fittingsIntegrated swivel 90° elbows, 3/8" (10mm) OD
Radiator Installation hardwareStandard: (8) coarse thread fans screws
Alternate: (8) 6-32 x 1 3/16 (30mm) Philips screws
Pump speed controlPWM
Pump Speed range1200 ~ 3000 RPM
Pump nominal voltage12 VDC
Pump nominal power6W
Redundant fail safeSoftware current limiting fail-safe AND hardware shutoff built-into the pump power wires. The hardware fail safe is only triggered in case of a firmware malfunction.
Pump Bearing typeCeramic shaft, PTFE bearing
Pump Power connectorSATA
Pump RPM & PWM connectorMini 4-pin
Pump MTBF60,000 hours
Pre-installed Fan (2 each)
Dimensions120mm x 120mm x 25mm
Speed controlPWM
Speed range800+/- 25% ~ 1800+/- 10%  RPM
Airflow range24 ~ 55 CFM
Static pressure range0.53 ~ 2.29 mmH20
Noise level range<16 ~ <33 dB/A
Nominal Voltage12 v
Nominal current0.2 A
Bearing TypeZ-axis
ConnectorMini 4-pin
MTBF60,000 hours
Apogee XL Waterblock (1 each)
Base plate materialC110 copper
Cooling engine0.25mm x 0.25mm  micro-pin array
Barb fittingsSwivel elbows, 3/8" (10mm) OD
Port threadG1/4 standard
Installation hardwareFor Intel LGA 1150, 1155, 1156 (pre-installed by default)
- Back-plate
- (4) Spring loaded screws & washers

For Intel LGA 2011
- (4) Spring loaded screws & washers

For AMD AM2, AM3, FM1,FM2, 939
- (2) Pre-assembled brackets & spring loaded screws
- Bracket installation screws

Optional back-plate available for Intel legacy socket 775 and 1366
Tubing & Coolant
Dimensions5/8" x 3/8" (16/10mm)
CoolantPre-filled with non-toxic propylene glycol coolant mix
Clamps (4 each)
MaterialBlack anodized aluminum
PWM splitter (1 each)
PWM Ports8
RPM signal portChannel 1
Power connectorSATA
PWM/RPM connectorMini 4-pin
Installation hardwarePeel-off sticker,  mounting screws & nuts
Tim-Mate 2, 1g syringe thermal compound
Quick Installation Guide

Swiftech H220-X price

Price and Availability

The Swiftech H220-X has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $139.95 and comes with a 3-year warranty. You can order one from Swiftech’s online store.

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