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How To Switch From Microsoft Live Account to Local Account in Windows 8.1?

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In previous versions of Windows, such as Windows 7 and Windows 8, by default we can use our local account or offline account. But this is not the same with Windows 8.1. If you have installed a fresh copy of Windows 8.1, or upgraded from Windows 8, you will be asked to login to your Microsoft Live account during installation. If you have none, you are forced to sign up and create a new Microsoft live account. While this might be a good idea for Microsoft’s point of view, many of us do not want to use a Microsoft Live account. Many of us want more privacy and would rather use an offline or local account instead. Today, I’m going to share to you an easy step on how to switch from Microsoft Live account to a local account in windows 8.1.

How To Switch From Microsoft Live Account to A Local Account in Windows 8.1

After you have successfully finished installing or updating to Windows 8.1, simply open the PC Settings. You can do this by doing a quick search, or if you are using Classic Shell to revert the old start menu back, simple type PC Settings in the search box.

Windows 8.1 Switch to Local Account

You will arrive at a similar Window below. Simply select Accounts and from there you will see your Microsoft Live account details.

How to switch in local account in windows 8.1

You should arrive at a Windows similar to the image below, when you are still using a Microsoft Live account. Your name and emails address are displayed with a “Disconnect” button below them.

switch from microsoft live account to offline account in windows 8.1

To remove from your Microsoft Live account in Windows 8.1, simple hit the “Disconnect” button. A prompt will appear saying “Switch to a local account”. You will then need to enter your MS Live account password and hit the next button on the lower right portion.

transfer to local account in windows 8.1

After hitting the Next button, you will then be asked to enter your local User Name, Passwords and Password Hint. You may or may not add a password for your Local account, but it is recommended to add a strong password specially if you have confidential files, using a laptop or have multiple accounts in your PC.

how to use local or offline account in windows 8.1

After that, simply hit the Next button and you should have now successfully switched from Microsoft Live account to local account in your Windows 8.1 PC.

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1 thought on “How To Switch From Microsoft Live Account to Local Account in Windows 8.1?”

  1. Hey there! I want to follow this guide but my problem is that I cannot enter the pc accounts manager and therefore can’t disconnect it.. I cannot access any of the apps with this account but I created another admin account where I can actually use the pc settings and still can’t disconnect the first account… Any way to do it ? Or a way to import that first account settings to the second and simply delete it..?


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