Best 4K Gaming Monitors This 2023 – From 4K 144Hz to 4K OLED

best 4k gaming monitors 2023

“Ber-months” is here and it’s just a few months away until the year is finished. So far, there are several new 4K (gaming) monitors released in the market and some have recently became available. In this article, we listed some of the best 4K monitors for gaming, content creation, 4K OLED, and even dual 4K …

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Gigabyte AORUS 4K Gaming Monitors Announced – FI32U, FV43U and FO48U

AORUS 4K Gaming Monitors

Gigabyte recently announced its very first 4k gaming monitors under their AORUS branding. These 4k gaming monitors are the FI32U, FV43U, and FO48U; a 32″, 43″, and 48″-sized monitors respectively. These monitors feature up to 120Hz to 144Hz refresh rate, and HDR 1000. It also has OLED panel, “Super Speed IPS”, Aorus Space audio, and …

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