ALO Audio Continental Dual Mono Review – Best Portable DAC with Headphone AMP?

ALO Audio CDM DAC AMP Review

Early Q2 this year, ALO Audio – a company best known for their portable DAC, amplifiers and upgrade cables, announced their flagship portable DAC/AMP – called the Continental Dual Mono. The ALO Audio Continental Dual Mono is definitely the best portable device they have to date, and today we are going to share to you …

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Campfire Audio Lyra IEM Review – Beryllium Powered IEM To Enjoy Your Music

When my ears first got a taste of IEMs powered with balanced armature drives, I told myself I would never go back to IEMs driven with dynamic drivers. Well Campfire Audio has made me shallow my own words. Today we are going to review the company’s first IEM – the Campfire Audio Lyra, a uniquely …

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Alo Audio Rx Portable Amplifier Review – Redesigned and Optimized for IEMs

Alo Audio Rx IEM Amplifier Review

Usually people think that IEMs (In Ear Monitors) or earphones do not need an amplifier because they are very easy to drive, unlike headphones. Amplifiers don’t just make your headphones or IEMs louder, but a good amplifier also drives your IEM or headphone to deliver its full potential with very minimal or no noise on …

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ALO Audio The International+ Optical Edition Review – Portable DAC with Amplifier

Early this year, ALO Audio released their latest portable DAC with headphone amplifier – The International+ Optical Edition, in addition to their existing lineup. The International+ Optical Edition is somewhat similar to its predecessor, The International+, but it uses a 32bit Sabre32 ES9018K2M DAC chip instead of the 24-bit Cirrus Logic CS4398 DAC chip on …

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