Asus ARES III 8GB Dual Chip Hawaii Graphics Card On Its Way

asus rog ares iii 8gb

Asus is planning to unleash the Asus ARES III 8GB a dual GPU graphics card based on the latest Hawaii chip. This is the company’s upcoming dual graphics card aside from the Asus MARS 760. But unlike the MARS 760, which is only powered by two mid-range GTX 760 GPUs, the Asus ARES III will …

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AMD Radeon R9 290X X2 Vesuvius Dual-GPU on Its Way!

amd radeon r9 290x x2 vesuvius dual gpu

Just recently, a news came out that AMD is preparing or will be releasing a Dual GPU graphics card based on the Hawaii-XT silicon, codenamed “Vesuvius” a.k.a AMD Radeon R9 290X X2. I’m not really surprised to hear this kind of news since dual GPU’s has been a trend for the past few years. And …

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