Audeze MM-100 Professional Studio Headphones Released – MM-500’s Little Brother

audeze mm-100 professional headphones-04

With the success of the MM-500 professional headphones, Audeze is collaborating again with Manny Marroquin to deliver a more affordable version of the MM headphones series. Audeze recently announced the MM-100 – an open-back planar magnetic professional studio headphone designed for a broader audience. With an MSRP of only $399, it’s significantly cheaper than the …

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Audeze Maxwell Wireless Gaming Headset Announced – Compatible with PS5, Xbox, and PC

Audeze recently announced a new wireless gaming headset – the Maxwell. The Audeze Maxwell looks unlike the Mobius or the Penrose gaming headsets. It features a classic yet stylish-looking aesthetic. Audeze uses a headband suspension system, which should be more comfortable than traditional gaming headsets. The Maxwell uses a 90mm Planar Magnetic driver, with Audeze’s …

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Audeze LCD-5 Planar Magnetic Headphone Review – One of The Best There Is

audeze lcd 5 headphone review

The Audeze LCD-5 is currently the company’s flagship headphone. Released in late Q3 of 2021, the LCD-5 offers a completely redesigned and improved body. It’s slightly smaller, noticeably lighter, more comfortable, and comes with improved drivers, according to Audeze. Today, I will share my subjective listening experience after using the LCD-5 for over a month. …

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Audeze Euclid In-Ear Headphone Review – Planar Magnetic in Small Package

audeze euclid earphone review

A few years ago, we reviewed Audeze‘s flagship in-ear headphone, the LCDi4. It sounded great despite having an odd shape or design. It has exceptional detail retrieval, sounds spacious, and offers excellent sound staging and imaging. However, it had several downsides, like (EQ) plugin-dependent and high price. Early this year, Audeze announced a new planar magnetic …

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Audeze LCD-X (2021) Headphone Review – New And Improved Version

audeze lcd-x 2021 version headphone review

Towards the end of March 2021, Audeze announced that their popular LCD-X and LCD-XC headphones are now built with several improvements and refinements. Today, we are going to check out one of these headphones – the Audeze LCD-X 2021 version. The LCD-X is a planar magnetic headphone with an open back design. It’s one of …

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Audeze Euclid Closed-Back In-Ear Planar Magnetic Headphone Released

Audez Euclid Plar in-ear headphone

Audeze recently released a new planar magnetic in-ear headphone – the Audeze Euclid. Unlike the iSINE series, the Euclid is a closed-back headphone and features an entirely new look and design. It features a custom-built 18mm planar magnetic driver; MMCX cable termination; and ergonomically designed precision-milled aluminum housing. The Audeze Euclid is now available and …

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Audeze LCDi4 In-Ear Headphone Review – Unlike Any Other Earphone or Headphone!

Today we take a look at and review Audeze’s flagship planar magnetic in-ear headphone – the Audeze LCDi4. The LCDi4 is a very unique product, in a sense that it’s like a mini version of a full-sized planar magnetic headphone. It’s also larger than your typical in-ear monitor or earphone, and you don’t need to …

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Audeze Mobius Headphone Review – Is This The Best Gaming and Multimedia Headset?

Audeze Mobius Headphone review

Today we are going to take a look and review the Audeze Mobius Headphone. Audeze is known for their audiophile-grade planar magnetic headphones and earphones. The Audeze Mobius is the company’s first headphone or headset that is jam-packed with features that are quite uncommon on a typical gaming headset. According to the company, the Mobius …

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