Cayin N7 Portable Digital Audio Player Announced – Pure 1-Bit Android-Based DAP

cayin n7 dap 1-bit android dap

Cayin recently debuted its latest portable digital audio player, dubbed the “voyager of unexplored frontier” – the Cayin N7. The Cayin N7 features a fully balanced digital and analog circuit, with a 1-bit resistor network DSD decoding, discrete dual BJT low pass filter, and discrete JFET+BJT headphone amplifier. It’s an android-based DAP running on a …

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Cayin N8ii Digital Audio Player Released – Features ROHM DAC and KORG Nutube AMP

cayin n8ii dap

Cayin has updated its flagship DAP, now built with beefier specs, a new DAC chipset, and double the vacuum tubes. Meet the new flagship DAP – the Cayin N8ii. It uses two ROHM DAC chips paired with two Vacuum tubes for amplification. The N8ii is also an Android-based digital audio player, running on a customized …

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Cayin N3Pro Review – Best ‘Mid-Range DAP’ with Dual-Timbre? (2021 Update)

Cayin N3Pro DAP Review

Today, we are checking out a very interesting portable digital audio player (DAP) – the Cayin N3Pro. I think it’s quite an interesting audio player since it features both Solid State and Vacuum Tubes. As a result, Cayin’s N3Pro is capable of delivering dual timbre or sound signature. Well, to be exact that would be …

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Sony NW-ZX300 Walkman Quick Review and Sound Impressions vs Opus#1S DAP

I was able to get a chance to audition the Sony NW-ZX300 Walkman hi-res portable digital audio player. In this quick review, I’m going to share my sound impressions of the NW-ZX300 vs the Opus#1S. I’ll also include some of the ZX300’s features and specifications and my opinion whether it’s a good buy or not. …

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The Bit Opus#3 Hi-Res Digital Audio Player Preview and Initial Impressions

We have a new hi-resolution portable digital audio player here and it’s the new Opus#3 from The Bit. We reviewed their first DAP (digital audio player) the Opus#1 last year. The Opus#1 can be considered as a mid-fi or mid-range DAP, and it’s a very good sounding DAP with a clean and rich audio quality. …

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Cayin i5 Master Quality Portable Digital Audio Player Review

Several months ago, Cayin announced and released their first ever Android based portable digital audio player in collaboration with HiBy Music – the Cayin i5 Master Quality Digital Audio Player. Digital audio players, or DAP for short, has been around for quite a number of years already. However, this year has become very interesting since …

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the bit Opus#1 DAP Review – A Portable Mastering Quality Sound Audio Player

More and more entry to mid-level portable audio players is being poured into the market. Some of these are good, sound quality is there but the problem is either they don’t aesthetically look good, or they got a bad user interface or plagued with firmware issues. It was only AK that produced a well-executed DAP …

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