Bose’s Unique Ultra Open Earbuds is Now Available, But Does It Sound Good?

Bose Ultra Open Earbuds Released

Bose recently released a really unique and stylish-looking earbuds. Meet the new Bose Ultra Open Earbuds. Not only is its design unique, but its name is also unique and intriguing. As its name suggests, the Bose Ultra Open is an open-ear wireless earbuds featuring OpenAudio technology. I haven’t tested one yet, but I think it’s … continue reading

Meze Audio Advar IEM Review – An Ugly Duckling Earphone?

meze audio advar review

Today we are checking out Meze Audio’s ADVAR, a unique-looking IEM powered by a “precisely tuned” 10.2mm single dynamic driver. It has a black glossy body with gold accents; and because of its unique design, it was dubbed the “Ugly Duckling”. I assume many of you already know the story of the ugly duckling. So, … continue reading

Campfire Audio Atlas Earphone Review – For Those Who Love the Bass!

Atlas is the name of the new flagship earphone from Campfire Audio. The Campfire Atlas was released together with the Comet that we previously reviewed. They both look similar from the outside, but very different from the inside. Not to mention, the Atlas is the flagship, while the Comet is the new entry-level earphone. Today … continue reading

Campfire Audio Comet Earphone Review – Hi-Res on the Go

Today we are going to review Campfire Audio‘s latest entry level earphone – the Comet. The Campfire Audio Comet earphone features a shiny stainless steel body enclosure / shell and a single balanced armature driver. Some of you might already be turned off at this point since it has only 1 BA per driver inside. … continue reading