Google Pixel 6 Pro Smartphone – Is It Still Worth In 2023?

google pixel 6 pro still worth it 20223

Google released the new Pixel 7 Pro and Pixel 7 Android smartphones last year. The Pixel 7 Pro is the latest flagship smartphone, succeeding the Pixel 6 Pro. However, the Pixel 6 Pro, although an older smartphone, is still very capable. Sure, there are a few improvements that the Pixel 7 (Pro) offers, but the …

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How to Prevent Google Chrome From Tracking Your Online Activities

How to Turn Off Google Tracking

As a Google user, you must be familiar with Google’s location history, which contains information about your actual location. We often accidentally activate the moving feature using Google Maps. So don’t be surprised if Google can easily find out where you are. In its statement, Google claims that this information helps them provide better service …

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Google Pixel 4 vs iPhone 11 (Pro Max) – Specs, Features, Price Comparison

google pixel 4 vs iphone 11 pro

Google recently released their latest Android smartphone – the Google Pixel 4. It comes in two variants, like the previous Pixels, Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. Interestingly, the Pixel 4 has a similar (back) design with Apple’s iPhone 11 (Pro) smartphones. They have that same square cut-out on the rear upper portion of the …

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Google Nexus 6 Phablet Released – See Features, Specifications and Price

Google has recently released their next generation Nexus lineup, the Google Nexus 6, Nexus 5, 9 and Player. In this article let’s focus on the Nexus 6 first. The new Google Nexus 6 is built with some of the latest technology that the mobile industry has to offer. It will run and feature the latest …

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