HiFiMAN HE400S Review – Best Sub $300 Open-Back Headphone?

HiFiMAN HE400s Planar Headphone Review

HiFiMAN is popular and known for their Planar Magnetic headphones. I think the old HE400 is one of their most popular planar magnetic headphones that have captured the ears of the many. Sometime in mid-2015, the company released a budget friendly planar headphone called the HiFiMAN HE400S. We got our sample early this year and …

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HiFiMAN Edition S Headphone – Company’s First On-Ear Headphone

HiFiMAN is best known for their planar magnetic headphones, like their flagship HE1000. Last year they released the HE400s, a full-sized planar headphone that comes with a price tag of only $299 making it the cheapest planar headphone from the company. Now, the HiFiMAN Edition S is the new cheapest headphone from the company, but …

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HIFIMAN HM-700 Portable Music Player with RE-400B Balanced In-Ear Phones Review

Today we are going to review the HiFiMAN HM-700 portable DAP (Digital Audio Player) with RE-400B Balanced In-Ear phones. It’s the company’s solution for music lovers who are on-the-go and who are looking for an affordable portable audio player. The player itself is able to play not just your typical MP3 files, but it can …

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