HIFIMAN Arya Stealth Magnet Open-back Planar Headphone Review (Updated)

hifiman arya stealth magnets review-08

HIFIMAN is constantly improving its line of headphones. The Arya is perhaps one of the more popular headphone series from the company. The Stealth Magnet version is the 3rd iteration of the Arya headphone. The first Arya was released in 2018, followed by the Arya v2 in 2020 with improved design. The Arya v3 features …

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HiFiMAN HE400S Review – Best Sub $300 Open-Back Headphone?

HiFiMAN HE400s Planar Headphone Review

HiFiMAN is popular and known for their Planar Magnetic headphones. I think the old HE400 is one of their most popular planar magnetic headphones that have captured the ears of the many. Sometime in mid-2015, the company released a budget friendly planar headphone called the HiFiMAN HE400S. We got our sample early this year and …

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HiFiMAN Edition S Headphone – Company’s First On-Ear Headphone

HiFiMAN is best known for their planar magnetic headphones, like their flagship HE1000. Last year they released the HE400s, a full-sized planar headphone that comes with a price tag of only $299 making it the cheapest planar headphone from the company. Now, the HiFiMAN Edition S is the new cheapest headphone from the company, but …

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HIFIMAN HM-700 Portable Music Player with RE-400B Balanced In-Ear Phones Review

Today we are going to review the HiFiMAN HM-700 portable DAP (Digital Audio Player) with RE-400B Balanced In-Ear phones. It’s the company’s solution for music lovers who are on-the-go and who are looking for an affordable portable audio player. The player itself is able to play not just your typical MP3 files, but it can …

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