Unique Melody Miracle V2 In-Ear Monitor Review

Unique Melody Miracle V2 IEM Review

In my quest for the best sounding in-ear monitors or IEMs out there, I came across with a company called Unique Melody. The company has been providing custom designed IEMs to audiophiles, music lovers, artist, producers and sound engineers. What I have here is the Unique Melody Miracle V2 in-ear monitor powered with 6 balanced …

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Audio Technica ATH-E70, ATH-E50 and ATH-E40 Professional In-Ear Monitors Released

Audio Technica unveiled their new E-Series Professional In-Ear Monitor headphones geared towards demanding sound professionals and musicians who use IEMs in a studio, on the stage or in a DJ booth. The new E-Series is composed of the Audio Technica ATH-E70, the flagship in this series, followed by the ATH-E50 and the ATH-E40. The ATH-E70 …

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Campfire Audio Lyra IEM Review – Beryllium Powered IEM To Enjoy Your Music

When my ears first got a taste of IEMs powered with balanced armature drives, I told myself I would never go back to IEMs driven with dynamic drivers. Well Campfire Audio has made me shallow my own words. Today we are going to review the company’s first IEM – the Campfire Audio Lyra, a uniquely …

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Alclair Curve Universal Monitor Review – Features Dual Balanced Armature Drivers

In my journey as a music lover I have encountered various IEMs, earphones or in-ear headphones, and they all came in different designs, sound quality and sound signature, not to mention prices as well. But I recently stumbled upon a very unique universal in-ear monitor that has an odd looking shell and comes with only …

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Cypher Labs Releases C6iem Balanced Armature Earphones

Cypher Labs LLC, recently released their first ever IEM, featuring three balanced armature drivers. Cypher Labs calls it the C6iem Triple Driver Earphones. According to the company, their first IEM is all about bass. Check out its features, specifications and price below.

Noble Audio K10 (Kaiser 10) Universal In-Ear Monitor Launched – See Features, Specs and Price

Noble Audio K10 (Kaiser 10) Universal In-Ear Monitor

Noble Audio, a leading high-performance in-ear monitor specialist, has recently announced a new addition to their universal fit in-ear monitor – the Noble Audio Kaiser 10 a.k.a Noble Audio K10 Universal IEM. The K10 is the company’s flagship universal-fir IEM featuring a total of 10 balanced armature drivers in each pair. Check out the rest …

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