ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Extreme – Best X570 Motherboard with Thunderbolt 4

asus rog crosshair viii extreme x570s

Motherboard manufacturers are releasing a new version of their AMD X570 motherboards – the “X570s“. These X570s motherboards don’t come with a cooling fan for the chipset. ASUS recently announced several new X570 motherboards. But its flagship is perhaps one of the best if not the best X570 motherboards currently in the market – the … continue reading

Intel Thunderbolt 4 Announced – A “Universal Cable” Offering 40Gb/s Speed

intel thunderbolt 4 announced

Intel recently announced Thunderbolt 4 dubbed as the “Universal Cable Connectivity for Everyone”. It offers industry leading 40Gb/s speed with up to 2 meters in length. The new Thunderbolt 4 also offers cable and port simplification, and it’s able to accept Thunderbolt 3, USB4, and older USB 3/2/1 connections. Personally, I prefer that we’ll be … continue reading