4 Things to Do Before Using Your New Windows PC

Things to Do Before Using Your New Windows PC

Just got a new Windows PC? That’s awesome! Although it can be tempting to dive right into it before doing anything, that may not always be the best idea. Before using your new PC and adding your sensitive information to it, please read this article carefully. The 4 tips that you’re about to learn will …

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Tips to Improve Your Windows PC Performance

How to Improve Windows PC Performance

How many times have you been troubled due to the blue screen of death on your computer? How often do you find yourself frustrated with your laptop because it is too slow to work on or play games? Some of you would have experienced this many times. Well, these problems occur because your computer may …

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Microsoft Windows KB3004394 Causing GPU Driver Issues and More in Windows 7

A few days ago, Microsoft released the MS KB3004394 updated which, unfortunately, caused some problems and drivers issues. The KB3004394 update somehow prevented users to install or perform updates, specially AMD’s new Catalyst Omega driver. The update not only brought problems to AMD users alone, but also to NVIDIA users as well. It is recommended …

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