Rinaro X Medicom Toy BE@RBRICK Audio 400% Portable Bluetooth Speaker Announced

Are you a fan of BE@RBRICK? Fancy a portable Bluetooth speaker fashioned in BE@RBRICK’s body? Well, recently, Medicom Toy collaborated with Rinaro to bring you the BE@RBRICK Portable Bluetooth Speaker. Rinaro is the company that made the drivers found on Meze’s audiophile headphones, like the Elite, Empyrean, and Liric. While a Bluetooth speaker will not …

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Ultimate Ears HYPERBOOM Bluetooth Loud Speaker Now Available

Ultimate Ears HyperBoom Portable Bluetooth Loud Speaker

It’s been a while since Ultimate Ears released a portable Bluetooth speaker. Their Megaboom 3 was quite popular, although lacks a bit on the bass department. Now, the company is back with a portable speaker that not only packs some (bass) muscles; but it is also quite big, loud and water resistant as well. Meet …

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