Samsung 850 Evo Specifications, Price and Benchmarks Surfaced

samsung 850 evo ssd

Samsung has already released its top of the line SSD on the market, the Samsung 850 Pro, featuring the latest 3D V-NAND technology. Some or many of us might be already enjoying this series already. I’m thinking that there are probably even more users who are waiting for the release of the successor of the …

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Five Best SSD For Your High Performance Desktop PC

Solid State Drives, short for SSD, are very popular nowadays. They are basically the next big thing when it comes to storage drives. Not only they consume much lesser power and physical space, but they are also significantly faster than any hard disk drives. Probably the only downside I can think of, generally speaking, is …

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The SSD Sale this March 2014 – Lots of Cheap SSD This Month

samsung 840 evo ssd sale

Solid State Drives or SSDs are one of the most expensive type of storage for your PC. But it is also the fastest and most reliable kind of storage. Fortunately, prices of some popular and ultra-fast SSDs on the market have gone down. In this article I’ll show you five SSD brands, whose SSDs are …

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