VESA DisplayHDR 2000 Certification Doesn’t Exist (Yet?)

Samsung Odyssey G9 2021 displayhdr 2000

These past few weeks, there was news circulating the web that the upcoming Samsung Odyssey G9 (2021) and Acer EI491CRG9 will have “VESA DisplayHDR 2000” certification. Based on the reports, the “DisplayHDR 2000” will have 2000 nits brightness, double the brightness that a DisplayHDR1000 is capable of. However, VESA recently addressed this and said that …

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VESA Released DisplayPort 1.4 Standard – Now with Compression and HDR

VESA DisplayPort 1.4

The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) recently announced it has published (DP) DisplayPort 1.4 audio/video standard. The first major update to DisplayPort since version 1.3 was released in September 2014, DisplayPort 1.4 is also the first DP standard to take advantage of VESA’s Display Stream Compression (DSC) technology. DSC version 1.2 transport enables up to …

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