NordVPN Now Has Access To 111 Countries and More Than 6,200 Servers Thanks To Virtual Servers

nordvpn virtual and physical servers

NordVPN, a leading VPN provider and cybersecurity company, recently announced that it now allows access to more than half of the world’s countries. Specifically, it now has more than 6,200 servers and access to 111 countries, making NordVPN the broadest geographic coverage of locations among all VPN providers. This is thanks to its comprehensive network … continue reading

NordVPN VPN App Now Works With Apple TV, Access Your Content While Abroad

nordvpn and apple tv os

NordVPN, a cybersecurity company, has released a dedicated VPN app for Apple TV in response to Apple’s latest tvOS 17 update, which now supports third-party VPN applications. The new NordVPN app enhances user privacy and security when streaming content on Apple TV. According to Vykintas Maknickas, head of product strategy at NordVPN:“Users often forget that … continue reading

Understanding Identity Theft In Gaming And How To Avoid It

Understanding Identity Theft In Gaming And How To Avoid It

The gaming industry has expanded far beyond entertainment. This digital world is a place where creativity flourishes, strong friendships form, and valuable skills are learned. Video games also offer a relaxing escape from the troubles of the real world.

Cyber Security: How to Protect Your Computer

Cyber Security How to Protect Your Computer

Cybersecurity is a key factor for businesses of all sizes. With the broad computer interconnections, malicious actors are increasingly seeking unauthorized access to your sensitive data. Online predators tend to prey on personal data for political and financial gains, espionage, data extortion, and theft. Such actors achieve their wicked goals through malware, ransomware, viruses, Trojan … continue reading

How to Install a VPN on a Smart TV

How to Install a VPN on a Smart TV

Do you want to hide your online streaming activities when watching your favorite shows or movies on your smart TV? We recommend installing a virtual private network (VPN) on your smart TV just like you would on your smartphone or computer. In this brief guide, we’ll explain how to install a VPN on a smart … continue reading

Data Transmission. How To Secure It?

how to secure data transmission-01

HTTPS is the most widely used method of protecting your web browser (HTTP Secure). If you visit specific websites like Amazon or Facebook while using Firefox or Chrome, this will be shown at the bottom of every page in red text. It indicates that these websites are employing an encrypted connection to communicate with the … continue reading

This is How You Can Increase Your PC’s Security

How To Increase Your PCs Security

Cyber security is an important part of using the internet and being online. This is something that we are doing a lot more lately, which is why there should be a bigger focus on keeping your PC and online accounts safe. There are several ways to do so, and if you care about cybersecurity, you … continue reading