WD 8TB Helium-Filled Drives Released – Features HelioSeal Technology

WD Red 8TB Helium-filled hard drive

Western Digital recently expanded its hard drives and external storage to 8TB, utilizing the technology of HelioSeal. We first seen Helium-filled hard drives from HGST, it was the HGST Ultrastar He8 8TB enterprise hard drive designed for datacenters and enterprise market. However, since HGST is now a company of Western Digital, WD has brought HelioSeal …

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WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra NAS Now Available – See Features, Specs and Price

WD recently released a new or upgraded version of their network storage solution called – the WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra NAS. The new WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra is a high performance NAS that is geared towards creative professionals and prosumers that needs to automatically sync their content across their PC. It’s powered with …

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WD Black 6TB Review (WD6001FZWX) – Larger Capacity Faster Performance HDD

WD Black 6TB HDD Review

A couple of months ago, WD announced two new capacity for their popular WD Black lineup, the WD Black 6TB (WD6001FZWX) and WD Black 5TB (WD5001FZWX). Not only that these two new drives offer larger storage capacity, but they also offer faster read/write speeds compared to the lower capacities. The new WD Black 6TB and …

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WD My Passport Wireless Now Available – See Features, Specs, Price and Availability

A couple of months ago, WD announced their first wireless external hard drive that can expand storage for all devices – the WD My Passport Wireless. The WD My Passport Wireless is basically like the company’s typical My Passport external hard drive, except that now it’s wireless. The new WD My Passport Wireless is basically …

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WD Red 5TB NAS Hard Drive Review – With RAID 0 Benchmarks

Mid this year, WD announced and released two new higher capacities for their WD Red NAS hard drives, including a WD Red Pro series. Today, let’s take a look at the WD Red 5TB NAS hard drive featuring the new NASWare 3.0. Like its predecessors, the WD Red 5TB is primarily designed for 1 to …

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WD Red 4TB NAS Hard Drive Review (WD40EFRX)

Storage is one of the most common concerns of people nowadays, specially if you have an ever growing digital files or data. There are basically two types of storage, the primary storage and the secondary storage. The primary storage is where you usually install your OS and applications. Usually this type of storage is fast …

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WD Ae Cold Data Storage HDD Unleashed – Optimized for the Modern Datacenter


WD, a Western Digital company, recently introduced and released its innovative WD Ae™ line of hard drives designed for the unique operating characteristics of the emerging archive tier within web-scale datacenters. Built on a platform to achieve optimal total cost of ownership (TCO), the WD Ae hard drives utilize the lowest possible power consumption and …

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