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Team DARK Pro DDR4-3000 16GB Review Dual Channel Kit

Team Group has been on the memory industry for many years now. I could still remember that one of my first (or my very first) high-end DDR memory was their Team Xtreem series many years ago. I’m glad to see that Team Group is still in the industry and keeping up with the competition. Team introduced several DDR4 memory kits designed for Skylake systems months ago, and some of their upcoming memory kits were even showcased last Computex 2016. We reached out to Team Group and ask for a kit to see how their new memory kits perform. They sent us one of their latest DDR4 memory kit, the Team DARK Pro DDR4-3000 16GB (2x8GB) dual channel kit for review. In this review, let’s see how good or fast their DARK Pro DDR4 memory kit is.

Team Dark Pro DDR4-3000 Review

Team DARK Pro DDR4 3000MHz Review

Team Group is marketing the DARK Pro DDR4 series as their new overclocking memory. It’s a high performance memory module geared towards PC enthusiasts, gamers and system builders. The DARK Pro is also specifically optimized for Skylake Z170 motherboards. It features a fresh new look and is unique compared to their previous DDR memory kits.

According to Team Group, the DARK Pro DDR4 series are “developed and certified according to XMP 2.0 standard, Dark Pro provides absolute stability and reliability with laboratory-scale burn-in test and compatibility verification for major motherboard brands worldwide.”

The Team DARK Pro DDR4 memory series also features a “high-efficiency forged” heat spreader with matching red or grey highlights and overall black appearance. The DARK Pro DDR4 series is available in speeds of 3000MHz, 32000MHz and 3333MHz, with 8GB per DIMM and supports Intel XMP 2.0 profile.

Like most DDR memory kits, Team is offering a lifetime warranty for their DARK Pro DDR4 series. Below is a screenshot of the SPD information of this memory kit taken from AIDA64’s report, and its specs sheet. After that, let’s proceed to the next page and take a closer look at the memory itself.

Team Dark Pro DDR4-3000 Aida64 SPD

Team DARK Pro DDR4 Memory Specifications

Team Dark Pro DDR4 Specifications
Team Dark Pro DDR4 3333, 3200, 3000 Specs

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