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Tecware Phantom 104 and 87 RGB Mechanical Keyboard Review – Best Bang for Buck Gaming Keyboards?

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Tecware Phantom RGB Software

Tecware has the Phantom RGB software that can be used for both the Phantom 104 RGB and Phantom 87 RGB mechanical keyboards. Using the software, you can record and assign Macro and you can choose the RGB lighting effect as well.

You can save three different profiles and you can also customize per-key lighting per profile. So in summary, the software is primarily for Macro and RGB lighting. It’s just a simple and straight forward software.

Tecware Phantom RGB Testing and Personal Experience

We have been using both the Tecware Phantom 104 and Phantom 87 RGB mechanical keyboards for almost a couple of months now. So far we didn’t encounter any problems or issues, other than the observations I mentioned on the previous page.

Personally, I prefer the Brown switch especially when typing or writing articles and reviews. It’s more silent compared to the Blue switch, yet it offers the enough resistance unlike the Red switch (it’s just too soft for me). The Blue clicky switch is good for gaming. Yes it is clicky and it may be noisy but it feels that you have a little bit more control especially when gaming.

Compared to the real Cherry MX counterpart switches, they do feel slightly different when pressed. Typical users may not feel the difference, but I’m sure keyboard enthusiasts would know and feel that they are different. Nevertheless, the Outemu switches do feel much better compared to a membrane type of keyboard.

By the way, compared to other “Blue” switches like the Jixian switch that is built into the keyboard included on the Zotac MEK1 PC, the Outeme Blue switch feels and sounds better when pressed compared to the Jixian switch.

At the end of the day, it will come down to personal preference, especially when it comes to the “feeling” of the keys when pressed. We haven’t used the keyboard long enough to determine how durable these Outemu switches are. But so far, all keys are working just fine.

Pricing and Availability

At the time this review was published, both the Tecware Phantom 104 RGB and Phantom 87 RGB mechanical keyboard are available and priced at $56 USD and $46 USD respectively. You can check out the latest pricing and availability via the links below.
Tecware Phantom RGB Mechanical Keyboard latest pricing and availability:
Tecware Phantom 87 RGB: available at Amazon US and Amazon UK
Tecware Phantom 104 RGB: available at Amazon US and Amazon UK

Tecware Phantom 104 and 87 RGB Mechanical Keyboard Review: Conclusion

After almost two months of use, both typing and gaming, the Tecware Phantom RGB mechanical keyboards look like a really good mechanical keyboard option. It’s definitely better than generic membrane-type keyboards.

The Phantom RGB mechanical keyboards aren’t built with all the bells and whistles, unlike the more expensive mechanical gaming keyboards out there. But they are definitely functional, very much usable and has the essential things to get you going. There are no dedicated multi-media keys and macro keys but they can be activated using the Fn key.

The body is also very sturdy and solid; it’s totally flex-free. The keycaps are doubleshot ABS so I don’t think you will have to worry on those keys fading. The four extra switches on each packaging helps as well. However, I am not a fan of the lettering used. They are okay and readable, but personally not a fan.

Gone are the days when mechanical (gaming) keyboards needs to be expensive. There are affordable but still solid mechanical keyboards available now, like these two Phantoms. We think Tecware’s Phantom 104 and 87 RGB mechanical keyboards offer great value; and you may want to consider these on your top list, especially if you are on a (tight) budget.

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2 thoughts on “Tecware Phantom 104 and 87 RGB Mechanical Keyboard Review – Best Bang for Buck Gaming Keyboards?”

  1. Thanks for the in-depth review, I have been researching this product so came by most of it, the special part was your “SMD LEDs are soldered directly on to the PCB of the keyboard” that is really interesting, may I ask if this keyboard is only compatible with Outemu switches any nothing else? Thank you

    • I think Techware’s Phantom KB is only compatible with Outemu switches. I can’t find reference where they were able to swap other types of switches on the Phantom.


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