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The basic essentials to achieve optimum trading

Has trading ever been easier? The simple answer is no. The Internet and new age tech equipment have made the process of CFD trading a walk in the park, as making trades can now be done in the comfort of your own home, or even while riding the bus or train to work. Depending on the lifestyle you lead it could determine the hardware you’ll need to invest in in order to maximise your trading capacity. Lets take a look at how to go about choosing trading hardware, and what will work best for you.


The most important thing here is to have an Internet connection. With no Internet this entire operation does not work. Remember that to-the-second information is needed in order to make the best trades, so it’s no good settling for a slower Internet connection. Internet speed is vital in the trading game, so if you’re trading from home then choose a connection above 50MBps, and if you’re going mobile then make sure you have a 4G connection or better. With mobile always ensure you have enough Data so that you don’t run out in the middle of an exciting trade.


If you’re really serious about trading, and you plan on doing it from the comfort of your residence, you’ll need a fast and reliable computer. The goal here is to choose the fastest computer you can get your hands on, and this will usually be in the shape of a gaming PC. These machines are naturally equipped to handle high loads of memory and have the fastest processors. If you’re looking for something more commercial, then a Mac Pro will work just fine. With two 2.93GHz quad-core Intel Xeon processors you have zero lag, and real time will remain just that.

Whatever machine you buy, make sure to install Microsoft Windows 10. Simple to use and highly reliable, it also has the convenience of a task bar on each monitor.

Mobile & Apps

Mobile traders will want to use a mobile device that, like a computer, is going to provide minimal issues with lag. The iPhone X contains a six-core processor which is 70% faster than previous models, and along with its The Super Retina display makes for the perfect mobile trading station. If you don’t mind carrying a bigger object, then the iPad Pro will be more effective due to the larger screen.

Then it is all about selecting the most appropriate mobile trading app to ensure you can trade anytime anywhere; as there will always be a time when you need to complete those vital CFD trades on the go. One of the best apps in the market has got to be City Index, which is available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. This has everything you should be looking for in a solid trading app. It includes all the functionality that the online service has, especially live streaming charts, which has full screen charts and technical indicators. Plus the app allows you to get all the latest global investment news from a reputable news source like Reuters.


The graphics clarity of your monitors are highly important, as you’ll often have monitors positioned slightly further away from you than others, depending on how many you have. Many traders make sure they have a high-end graphics card, as this ensures that multiple monitors can be added and clarity is maintained.

Enough RAM should never be underestimated either. One thing traders do is access multiple programs at the same time, and RAM is responsible for making sure the speed of the computer is maintained in this situation. If your RAM situation is suspect then add more to your computer. There’s nothing quite as annoying as programs failing to respond when you’re on a trading roll.

Last bit of advice, make sure you have a solid coffee machine. Late nights become the norm in a traders life.

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