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the bit Opus#1 DAP Review – A Portable Mastering Quality Sound Audio Player

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Packaging and Closer Look

the-bit-opus-1-dap-review-01 the-bit-opus-1-dap-review-02

The Opus#1’s packaging has a simple and minimalistic, yet effective and straight forward design. There are two black boxes, one for the Opus#1 together with its accessories, and the other smaller box is for the leather case. Out of the box, the Opus#1 is protected with a transparent film and is surrounded by thick foam. You also get some reading materials, a screen protector and a USB to microUSB cable.

the-bit-opus-1-dap-review-05 the-bit-opus-1-dap-review-06

I’m not sure if the bit will offer different colors for the leather case, but I sure hope they do. I like how the leather case was tailored, as it hugs the Opus#1 firmly. The leather case is beautifully crafted and protects most areas of the Opus#1, except for the top portion where the power button and output ports are located.

the-bit-opus-1-dap-review-07 the-bit-opus-1-dap-review-08

Here’s a look at the Opus#1 right out of the box. The front screen is protected by a film, obviously you have to remove it and apply the included screen protector. The back of the Opus#1 is covered with a tampered glass, and by default a screen protector is already applied. You only need to peel off the last portion of the protector.

the-bit-opus-1-dap-review-15 the-bit-opus-1-dap-review-13

On the top portion of the Opus#1 lays the power button, 2.5mm balanced output and 3.5mm headphone out / optical out. If you use the optical out, this means that the Opus#1 will act only as a transport, transporting the digital signal to a new source. At the bottom portion of the audio player is a microUSB port. This serves as both the charging port and data transfer port using the included USB to microUSB cable.

the-bit-opus-1-dap-review-14 the-bit-opus-1-dap-review-16

On the right hand side of the player are three buttons: previous or back, next or forward and play/pause buttons. On the opposite side are the volume up and down buttons. Just a small thing to nitpick about, I find the buttons to be a little bit small. Not that they are difficult to press, but I think making it slightly bigger would be better.

On the lower portion, just below the volume buttons are the microSD card slots. Just pop out the lid and it will reveal two microSD card slots. Each slot supports up to 200GB of microSD, like the SanDisk 200GB Ultra UHS-I microSDXC card, for a total of 400GB storage capacity. With that amount of storage, you can store a lot (thousands) of audio files; although, I haven’t tried a 200GB microSD yet, since I don’t have one around.

Here’s a look at the bit’s Opus#1 with its leather jacket on. It looks nice and clean and with the leather jacket on, I eventually forgot that the body is made of ABS plastic. It also feels solid on hand and it is pocket-able. Again, I would like to see more color options for the leather case since the grey one makes the Opus#1 look a little bit dull to my eyes.

Next page, let’s take a look at the Opus#’1 user interface.

The Bit Opus#1 portable digital audio player is available on here
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