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the bit Opus#1 DAP Review – A Portable Mastering Quality Sound Audio Player

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Price and Availability

The bit’s Opus#1 Portable Mastering Quality Sound audio player is now available in the US and UK. The suggested retail price of the Opus#1 is $599 but checking on the trend, prices may have gone down by the time you read this review to compete with other DAPs that are popping out left and right. The Opus#1 is supposed to be available in both gunmetal color and gold, but I don’t see any gold colored Opus#1 available anywhere.

Check out the latest pricing and availability of the Opus#1 on or here.


The bit Opus#1 DAP Review: Conclusion

The bit is a new name in the audio industry specially when it comes to products for music lovers and audiophiles, at least to my knowledge. The Opus#1 is the first DAP or portable digital audio player from the Korean company, but I think they did a pretty good job with their first DAP. The Opus#1 has a (very) stable operating system and it’s very easy to use thanks to the touch swiping feature and responsive touch screen.

Overall the performance is very solid and you get not only a standard 3.5mm single ended output but also an optical output and 2.5mm balanced output as well. Not to mention, battery performance is great. I get around 9 to 10 hours of straight use and it doesn’t consume much power (or any power at all) when on standby. Sound wise, the Opus#1 is generally a well-balanced DAP from bass to highs. It’s generally neutral sounding but leans a bit towards the warmer side. Sound reproduction is great; it produces a very detailed, clean and clear sound with good amount of soundstage and layering.

In terms of aesthetics and build quality, I think it’s good and somehow reminds me of an AK player. The plastic body feels well-constructed and solid on hand, but I think a metal body would make it look better. The Opus#1 is still not a perfect DAP yet, there are still rooms for improvement specially its firmware or OS, and I’m not sure if the bit will give it a DAC function. But enabling the USB DAC feature on the Opus#1 would be an added feature and would make it more attractive. There’s no WiFi and/or Bluetooth connection on the Opus#1 and I think that’s a minus point from me since more wireless headphones/earphones are being pushed in to the market. In terms of pricing, the Opus#1 is positioned in the mid-fi section and I think the initial price is somewhat competitive. Better if the bit could adjust or lessen the MSRP to make it even more competitive; competition is somewhat stiff on the mid-fi section.

Overall, I would say that the Opus#1 is a good solid performing DAP. Sound performance won’t disappoint specially for IEM users or users with easy to drive headphones. If you are looking for a straight forward DAP and a DAP that is very easy to use and navigate, the Opus#1 is definitely worth to consider.




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