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Top Awaited IT Inventions of the Future

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Artificial intelligence, voice control, and virtual reality – this is the time when science fiction gradually becomes a reality. Some people say that many of us tend to overestimate the impact of technology in the short term and underestimate its long-term influence. We will try to bring ready-made work items that will soon become part of our lives. The new technologies of the future cover not only advanced machine learning methods, the development of artificial intelligence, 100% online safety with but also the interpenetration of the physical and digital worlds.

The goal of many technologists is to introduce technical innovations into our everyday life, which you didn’t even think you would need, but now you cannot simply live without them. Some products have almost reached the point of excellence. Mobile phones, for example, will be redone, but there are no significant improvements expected in the foreseeable future. So what’s next?

A new wave of technological progress is so futuristic that it looks like a wild imaginative fantasy, whether it comes to absolute privacy protection or innovative utilities. This year are expected computers to get that can talk to you, robots that can learn, and virtual reality experiences that incredibly capture the range of sensations. So what else is going to happen? Let’s highlight the most important trends and advanced technologies that will literally change your world in the coming years.

1. Smart Glasses

Google Glass is smart glasses from the search giant. The revolutionary item became available in mid-2014. The only reason why this technology has not yet become popular is the price. If you want to buy smart glasses from Google, you have to spend no less than $1,500.

But it is not the reason to discard smart glasses. At one time, not everyone could afford cell phones either. Titans like Microsoft and Sony are working on their devices. This means that in the near future, you will be able to watch videos with cats during your morning run.

2. Smart Data

Automation is one of the main tasks that modern technologies solve. Although most of the processes happen automatically, we have to do something manually. For example, add information to the contact list on the phone. It is probably that you will not have to do this yourself anymore.

3. Wearable Electronics

Smart glasses and watches are devices that connect us to the outside world. But there are also technologies that connect us with our body. Large scientific institutions, corporations, and small companies are engaged in their development. We are talking about headphones that measure heart rate, lenses that monitor blood sugar levels, and tattoos with NFC technology. As soon as developers can make such gadgets available, the market will be filled with various implants that will read the important information in real time and display it on the same smart glasses.

Excited about all the above? So are we! Let’s see what will happen this year already. We are already using modern advancements to reach protection while browsing the Internet, so what’s more to come?

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