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Ultimate Ears HYPERBOOM Bluetooth Loud Speaker Now Available

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It’s been a while since Ultimate Ears released a portable Bluetooth speaker. Their Megaboom 3 was quite popular, although lacks a bit on the bass department. Now, the company is back with a portable speaker that not only packs some (bass) muscles; but it is also quite big, loud and water resistant as well. Meet the Ultimate Ears HYPERBOOM portable wireless and party Bluetooth loud speaker! If you are in the market looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker, and not just any speaker but a loud speaker that is great for large room and outdoors, then check out more details about the HyperBoom below.

Ultimate Ears HyperBoom Portable Bluetooth Loud Speaker

Ultimate Ears HYPERBOOM For Those Who Want It Loud and Bassy

The Ultimate Ears HyperBoom is currently the company’s largest and loudest portable Bluetooth speaker. It is also said to be Ultimate Ears’ “most bass-blasting and Earth-shattering speaker yet – with zero compromises on sound balance or quality”. But Jimmy might have a different opinion on that in his review below.

The company also claims that it has three times the loudness and over six times the bass of their MegaBoom 3. Based on our review, the MegaBoom 3 is a pretty good Bluetooth speaker, but it does lack a bit on bass and sometimes the sound gets bloated when confronted with a deep bass tone.

The HyperBoom is composed of precision woofers, passive radiators and soft-dome tweeters that lets it deliver “hi-fidelity” listening experience. It also has a built-in microphone that “knows” when it is being moved. The company calls this feature as “Brainy Adaptive EQ”; it reads the room / patio / rooftop and automatically balances the sound to match the environment.

It has a maximum sound pressure level of SPL of 100 dBC and has a frequency range of 45Hz to 20 kHz. There are two 4.5” woofers, a 3.5” and 7.5” passive radiators and a 1” tweeter. It can remember up to 8 paired devices and it is compatible with Bluetooth 4.2 to Bluetooth 5.0. It has a mobile range of up to 150 feet or 45 meters.

Another feature of the HyperBoom is that it is IPX4 water resistant making it “party-proof”, as the company dubs it. It can basically withstand drink spills or pool splashes, but it will definitely NOT survive if submerged into water. As for connectivity, it has four input sources – two Bluetooth, one 3.5mm auxiliary and one optical input.

Ultimate Ears didn’t mention the capacity of the battery, but according to them the HyperBoom is rated to last up to 24 hours of battery life. Of course, expect that actual battery life is lower depending on the usage or volume you are at. It does take 2.6 hours to recharge the Lithium-Ion battery in it.

Ultimate Ears HYPERBOOM Review

Price and Availability

The Ultimate Ears HYPERBOOM is now available and comes with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $399.99 USD. The company is also offering a 2-year limited hardware warranty. Prices may change at some point, so for latest pricing and availability check out the links below:

Ultimate Ears HyperBoom Bluetooth Loud Speaker latest pricing and availability:
For US: available on here

Ultimate Ears HyperBoom Specifications

Ultimate Ears HyperBoom Specifications

Ultimate Ears HyperBoom Review

Right after Ultimate Ears announced the HyperBoom, Jimmy from JimsReviewRoom uploaded his review video on YouTube. He also compared the HyperBoom against JBL’s Boombox. In his review, he showed both the strengths and weaknesses of this loud Bluetooth speaker; and how it fares with a close competitor like the Boombox. I think you should watch his HyperBoom review as well:

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