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Video Games Challenge Players in Many Ways, Even in Luck

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Top Online Video Games That Will Challenge Your Luck

Top Online Video Games That Will Challenge Your Luck

Even though we’d all want to believe that playing video games successfully requires talent, it’s not always the case. With overly complex gaming mechanics and a level of difficulty so severe that you can just push buttons and hope for the best, you will probably need a little luck to advance. It can be advantageous to have a bit of luck when playing at the best Canadian slots, which can be discovered on this page. A playthrough may also be prematurely ended by some once-in-a-million shot by the opponent. A game’s “luck” element might be used skillfully to the point where players love it, or it can be disastrously implemented to the degree where players despise the feature forever.

The Negligence of Luck in Video Games

As more and more players are emphasizing skill in their games, no matter if it’s a shooter or strategy based, many of them will curse lady luck from time to time. That moment when the opponent is just one second faster, or had a better view, or shoots you without even knowing you will be there. And sure, that’s because they bought some new graphic card, maybe something from the new RTX 40 series, or something else. Those are all the moments when your skill is challenged by your bad luck or the better luck of your opponent. We have investigated this phenomenon and this article will try to cover which games are involving a little bit of luck in their gameplay.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

One of the most recognized games in the world is most definitely CS: GO. The community of players and the almost religious-like approach to this gem in the gaming industry are reasons enough to consider it a giant among competitors. It is developed by Valve and is available on all gaming platforms. It is a fiercely competitive game with a sizable eSports player base. You can battle terrorists or counter-terrorists in this popular shooter game. The game is free to play, but if you want to play against other players in a competitive setting, you’ll need to upgrade to premium status. And even when you improve your skills, learn all the tactics and strategies, and become a real veteran of the game. Even then, someone will shoot you right in the head with an impossible shot.

Dark Souls Franchise

These games are responsible for many broken controllers, and why? Because of the damned luck. Players assume the identity of a doomed protagonist who sets out to learn what happens to other cursed people who become undead. Dark Souls’ story is mostly revealed through contextual cues, item flavor text, and conversations with NPCs. So even from the basic story of the game, you see that you will be the guy who is out of luck. One of the series’ key mechanics is the use of death to educate gamers on how to respond in hazardous circumstances. To get past the series’ complexity, it encourages repetition, learning from past errors, and prior experience.


Tetris is a puzzle game in which players must position the falling pieces on the playing field which is the screen itself. Tetris was first developed by Alexey Pajitnov in 1984. The game goes on until the column of elements meets the top of the screen, while the player receives points for constructing an entire vertical line out of these elements. Yes, the skillful player can line them pieces well, but you are dependent on the next part which will come out of the top of the screen. If you desperately need the next to be a specific one and it doesn’t come, you are out of luck my friend.

XCOM Franchise

The XCOM franchise was already renowned for its challenging turn-based tactics gameplay since the franchise’s inception in ’94, but with the publication of XCOM 2 in 2016, the series upped the difficulty even more. The story is around a group of warriors as they organize a revolt against the aliens who have conquered the earth, 20 years following the events of the 2012 reboot game XCOM: Enemy Unknown. This installment incorporated randomly generated terrain and time-based tasks to the standard gameplay architecture of alternating among leadership simulations and turn-based tactics, which added more layers to what was an already complex gaming experience. This approach involves considerable luck given the probability of wasting 95 percent of shots.

Fallout: New Vegas

One of the best role-playing games ever created is Fallout: New Vegas. The result is perhaps the greatest Fallout game in the series, one that has acquired a sizable fan base following for understandable reasons. Gaming as a protagonist with a large Luck stat is completely viable in the game because of how subtly the game benefits a player’s character building. Because of Luck, players can win practically every game and quickly build a large collection of bottle caps. They can also benefit from a considerably higher frequency of critical damage. Players can also access new dialogue options and devise inventive ways to complete quests that would not have been feasible if they didn’t possess high Luck, as if that weren’t already fantastic enough.


These games have infuriated players all around the world with the luck factor they possess. It is always frustrating when you do your best, and some other player gets the upper hand only by being luckier at the moment. But the words of wisdom at the end of the article would be – don’t despair. Luck isn’t a sustaining factor like skill. It can happen on the most random occasions, and skill is far more reliable to base your success on. Keep training and improving yourself at your favorite game. It will be more rewarding in your gaming. When you achieve a high level of performance in your gameplay, no amount of luck will keep your enemies undefeated. And try to keep your cool when luck isn’t on your side, as it can change to your advantage very fast.

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