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VorzAMP Pure II + (Plus) Portable AMP Review, So Pure You’ll Love It!

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Back in April, Vorzüge, a German company who specializes in making portable amplifiers, released an updated or upgraded version of their popular VorzAMP Pure II headphone amplifier, called the VorzAMP Pure II +, with a Plus. It’s basically the same amplifier that is loved by the many Purist, and with the new model, it offers faster charging system, enhanced power and a few more added features. If you are a music lover or an audiophile looking for a clean and powerful portable amplifier, stick around and check out our VorzAMP Pure II + (Plus) review below. This could be the amplifier you have been looking for all along.

VorzAMP Pure II Plus Review

VorzAMP Pure II + Review

I’d like to thank the good folks at Vorzüge for providing the VorzAMP Pure II + for the purpose of this review.

Let’s start with what the new VorzAMP Pure II + has to offer. Basically, the Pure II + is very much similar with the Pure II. It’s like an updated or improved version of the later. The new Pure II + features faster charging system, enhanced power circuitry for higher efficiency, reliability and reduced noise; and improved audio circuitry resulting in to longer playing time. It also now has a power indicator so that you’ll know when it’s time to recharge the amplifier. There are two tiny red LEDs right under the power switch. More information from the official product description below.

Product Description

VorzAMP pure II + (Plus), has the built and sound quality expected of every VorzAmp. Besides being true to its name in being an amplifier that is the dream of the Purist, this upgraded and enhanced version has a power circuitry for higher efficiency, reliability and even lower noise. A faster charging system coupled with improved audio circuitry, lessens downtime, and provides longer play time for your continuous listening pleasure. Peace of mind that the battery life does not drain unnoticed, the VorzAmp Pure II+ comes with the new Power indicators (displaying ~60% and 15-10% of battery life).

Like the predecessor, it is high performance, ultra-low distortion, high fidelity amplifier with its 3 gain settings is designed to capture the whole spectrum of earphones devices, from the sensitive and precision IEMs to the power hungry professional Headphones.

Through our handcrafted assembly, stringent testing and audio matching procedures our boutique company is able to ensure high hardware quality. VorzAMP Pure II+ ™ is a completely analogue system, possess strong dynamics, clean sound and crisp vocal, deep black background with excellent instrument separation and placing – it is indeed the unique boutique amplifier for the Purist.

VorzAMP PURE II + Features

Gain – The VorzAMP pure II + ™ is tailored with a 3 Settings gain switch, which can adjust the gain to -1dB, 8dB or 15dB. This wide range of gain settings allows the amplifier to be used with low impedance high current devices as well as high impedance higher voltage devices, all this without compromising on SNR or volume control. The -1dB gain setting designed, to allow the user to fully experience the sensitiveness, dynamics and demands of low impedance IEMs

THD+N – Sound excellence is the absolute center of focus throughout the entire Conception, development and integration process. Extensive care has been taken at every step so as to achieve an extremely low THD+N value. THD+N of the VorzAMP pure II + ™ has the incredibly low value of 0.0008%

Silver Solder with Gold Compound – For the most discerning audio listeners and professionals who seek only unsurpassed sound quality, Vorzüge products uses the World renown Mundorf™ precious metals Silver-Gold solder.

Gold Plated PCB – The PCB is Gold plated to prevent the development of corrosion and oxidation prior and during soldering. This in turn prevents future disconnection or air gaps from forming, resulting in a high level of contact reliability and a continuous audio signal.

Top Grade Metal Film Resistor – At Vorzüge, we hold our standards for analog audio devices highly. We use the best components to achieve extremely low intrinsic noise, high linearity of amplification, and minimal dynamic distortion.

The Right Metallic Capacitors – Because every circuitry is different from another. Our team of audio engineers together with our contacts in the professional music industry conduct hours upon hours of hearing tests to find the perfect fit.

Lithium-ion Power Supply – VorzAMP™ uses a compact 2100mAh quality rechargeable Lithium-ion battery with built in safety circuit to safeguard your Amplifier. Giving you about 10 hours of average play time. Convenient USB charging. True Dual Power Supply.

Environmental Friendly – It’s what VorzAMP™ doesn’t have that makes it environmentally friendly. It’s free of many harmful toxins like mercury, arsenic, BFRs and PVC. All its components are RoHS internationally compliant.

VorzAMP Pure II + Specifications

Impedance:Input impedance 13 kΩ
Output Impedance <0.1Ω
Headphone impedance 8 Ω - 600 Ω
Audio:BW 15Hz - 100kHz
SNR >110 dB
THD + N <0.0008 %
±0.2 dB
32 Ω; 0.1W
0Hz–20kHz; 0.2W
battery operated
Slew rate 2000V/μs
DC stop filter Yes
Gain 0,89 -1 dB
2,5 8 dB
5,4 15 dB

Gain: Low
Gain: Middle
Gain: High
Output:Maximum Voltage RMS 3,2 Vrms
Maximum Voltage swing 9 V
Maximum output Current 250 mA x2
Output power RMS:
250,0 mW x2
500,0 mW x2
568,9 mW x2
320.0 mW x2
160.0 mW x2
34.1 mW x2
17.1 mW x2

Load of 8 Ω
Load of 16 Ω
Load of 18 Ω
Load of 32 Ω
Load of 64 Ω
Load of 300 Ω
Load of 600 Ω
Battery:Play time 11 hours
Charging time 2.5 hours
Micro USB charge current ≥900mA
Charge cycles ≥500

Product Casing:Total: weight 130g
case coating: Extra tough powder coated
Shielding: Full grounded aluminum case
Color: Ivory Pearl / Signal Black
Size: 83 x 66 x 18 [mm3] Slim design
Components:RoHS: Yes
Resistors: Precision metal film
Signal path Capacitors: None
Pad: Gold plated
Connects: Silver-Gold Solder
Included:Audio Equipment:
VorzAMPPure II+™ With Battery
VorzKABEL™ 3.5mm Audio jack
USB Charger 5V, 1A
USB cable Micro USB
Technical Specification
Certification: Warranty Card
Others: Protective pouch
Box Size: 17.5 x 15.5 x 7.5 [cm3]
Box weight: 450 g Fully loaded

On the next page, let’s continue with the review and take a closer look at the VorzAMP Pure II +.

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