VorzAMP Pure II + (Plus) Portable AMP Review, So Pure You’ll Love It!

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Packaging and Closer Look

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The VorzAMP Pure II+ comes in a simple black box with the company’s logo on top of it. There is nothing special on the external look of the box, just plain simple black. Cutting the seal and opening the top lid reveals the jewel inside, the VorzAMP Pure II + surrounded by thick foams. The amp itself is wrapped with a protective transparent film. Underneath the foam that cradles the VorzAMP, is a compartment for its accessories.

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Aside from the amp itself, the package includes a VorzKABEL mini to mini interconnect, USB charger, USB cable, a protective pouch, some reading materials, a warranty card and a Vorzüge sticker. The included VorzKABEL is worth $49 when purchased separately.

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The VorzAMP Pure II+ has a slim design which makes it really portable and stackable. It measures only 83mm x 66mm x 18mm and weighs just 130g. In the front section, you have the volume knob, a dedicated power switch, gain switch, input port, output port and a power LED indicator. At the rear portion, there’s a micro USB port for charging the internal battery, and an LED indicator.

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Here’s a closer look at the front portion of the VorzAMP Pure II+. Notice that there is a tiny red light just below the power switch, right beside the power symbol. There are two red LED indicators. The indicator doesn’t turn on until the battery reaches below 50%. One red light means that the battery life is around 40%. Two means that the battery life is around 15%-10% and you need to recharge it very soon. The amp stops functioning once the battery is totally depleted.

I wasn’t able to monitor the actual play time, but according to the company it can reach up to 11 hours of play time. Charging time is only 2.5 hours. There is a LED indicator at the back which tells you if the amp is still charging or if it’s fully charged.

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It’s very easy to open the VorzAMP Pure II+. You only need a small hex key or Allen key (I think it was the smallest one) to remove the screws, including the volume knob.

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Here’s the top view portion of the core components. As you can see the components are well soldered onto the PCB. Vorzüge claims that they use Mundorf Silver-Gold solder, and top grade resistors and capacitors to achieve the standards of their amplifiers.

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The Lithium-Ion battery occupies more than 50% (rough estimation) of the internal components, and it’s protected by a wrap. The good news is the battery is replaceable.

Let’s proceed to the next page and see how good the sound quality of the VorzAMP Pure II+ is.

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