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Why You Should Always Be Aware of the VIN Code

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As a secondary owner, you are interested in the events that the car on sale had been in such as theft, accidents, lien, etc. Checking a car by VIN coder is sometimes a necessity: all the essential information will immediately become available to you. VIN code is a reliable and unambiguous car identification which is practically not falsified. True, fraudsters are constantly trying to do this, and they sometimes succeed, because they count on ordinary human carelessness.

always be aware of the vin code

How to Check a Car When Purchasing

Car online checking won’t take much time; there are enough services on the Internet for doing that, such as FAX VIN. This service is a catch for every car enthusiast who is going to buy a used vehicle. All the data concerning a car will be available to you in a few seconds. And this is the fastest option that will save you from buying a problematic vehicle.

Currently, the Net has numerous specialized online services offering free 17-digit car number decryption, and it’s really easy to use them. You need to fill the VIN in the appropriate form, after that, all the necessary information about a particular vehicle will be displayed.

How to start checking the car using VIN decoder? Just visit the website and enter the VIN of the vehicle you are interested in. Enter the registration number and all the information you need will be provided. It is also worth noting that this service is free. Useful information is available in the public domain so that buyers don’t fall for the fraudsters’ tricks.

checking car vin code

Checking the Car by VIN Code

The car checking is carried out in 12 official bases, as well as searching for matches in other sources. Checking for VIN will show whether the vehicle has been stolen, whether there are registration restrictions, it also allows you getting information concerning accidents, finding out the series and number, contacts of owners, VIN decryption. The service checks the reports during maintenance, so you can find out the real car mileage. What else you can figure out:

  • accidents and car damage;
  • how many car owners there have been and how long they owned it;
  • whether the car is wanted, whether it was owned by a legal entity or used as a taxi.

Before purchasing a used car in the secondary market, it is extremely important to conduct two types of checks — technical and legal. Everything is clear with the first one — you should take the car to a full-service diagnostics in order to have a clear idea of its technical condition. The second one is a check implying a request for a VIN decoder and a full clarification of its legal cleanliness, for example, restrictions on registration actions. It is also important to find out about accidents, mileage, whether it has been wanted by police. It is not worth ignoring the data, because no one is safe from surprises, and the seller can conceal the details.

Why is it worth being aware of what a VIN code is? Its main purpose is car identification. Unique code structure and the verification number can reduce the risk of purchasing a stolen vehicle.

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