Wooting One Analog Mechanical Keyboard Announced – All You Need To Know So Far

Have you ever heard of an analog mechanical keyboard before? The Wooting One is the world’s first analog mechanical keyboard to feature pressure sensitive keys giving you precise control in games. I’m pretty sure this is probably the first time you heard of the company Wooting. But despite being new to the keyboard market, their tenkeyless (TKL) analog keyboard will definitely take PC gamers on a new level of gaming experience. Check out more details about the Wooting One below.

Wooting One Analog Mechanical Keyboard

Wooting One Analog Mechanical Keyboard TLK – World’s First

I don’t know which your preferred key switch is; dome type for me is old, and I prefer to use Cherry Brown switch nowadays. Many switches nowadays, despite having different actuation force and feedback, they all give you the same result – it’s all or nothing / 1 or 0 / pressed or not. This is where the Wooting One with its unique mechanical keys differs from the entire current mechanical keyboard in the market.

The Wooting One features an analog input that reads exactly how far down you’ve pressed a key for analog input. You can immediately use it in games to precisely control your movement speed and turns. It’s like using a PlayStation or Xbox analog controller. But instead of pointing the directional control, you’re pressing the key.

wooting one analog switch

Aside from its analog input, the Wooting One features an RGB backlit, it’s a TKL and looks slick / clean and minimalistic. They also replaced the scroll lock key with a special “Mode Key” (to switch from analog to digital), the Fn layout are optimized and the USB cable is detachable.

Wooting One top view Wooting One bottom view

Wooting One FAQs

Wooting team answers some of the frequently asked questions on Reddit here. Here’s a summary of the FAQs.

What will be the price range of the Wooting one?
We are aiming for a midrange price, for a quality mechanical keyboard.

Does it also work as normal keyboard?
Yes, it also works as a normal keyboard. For now, you can switch between a typing and keyboard mode. You can switch in between with the mode key on the top right corner. You can customize all the keys, so if you prefer the “mode” key somewhere else, that’s possible.

What switches do you use?
At this point, we can’t disclose that kind of information. All we can say is that they are similar to CherryMX reds but not as light and not too heavy as blacks. The switch is CherryMX keycaps compatible, so most after-market keycaps will fit.

On how many points can the switch register analog?
The analog switch can read a massive amount of states, but we’ve limited it at 256 at the moment because it gives a smooth experience, but we’re still tweaking and testing.

Will you offer a (nordic, french, AZERTY, or any-languages-you-can-think-of) lay-out?
We have an ISO and ANSI layout. At this moment, we are still exploring all the different languages. If the solution is as simple as printing different legends on the keycaps, then yes we will (most likely) be able to support your language.

Will you ship the keyboard to my country?
Our goal is to ship globally to all the corners of the earth. It’s just that import duty might play a role, except for any EU country.

Wooting One Analog Mechanical Keyboard TLK Wooting One specifications

Wooting One Price and Availability

The company hasn’t announced the Wooting One’s price yet, and we also don’t know when this awesome keyboard will be released in the market. But this may well be available any time soon, definitely this year.

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  1. Looks like an interesting one, but not sure I would see the benefit over other mechanical keyboards. Perhaps the price will be the persuasion – so long as it’s a good one. Either way, I’ll gladly keep an eye on this one

    • They said price will be at mid-range, but that’s a little bit vague. Mid-range as in $100-ish?
      Not sure if these will appeal to everyone, but I’m definitely interested. I have been wishing for a keyboard like this since I started playing NFS years ago.


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