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Zotac GeForce GTX 950 AMP! Edition 2GB Review – Best GTX 950 in the Market?

MOBA and Online Game Benchmark Results

The Zotac GTX 950 AMP! Edition is not only geared towards budget minded users, but it is also geared towards MOBA gamers offering better graphics quality and smoother game play without spending too much on a graphics card.

I tested the GTX 950 AMP! Edition with some of the currently popular MOBA games around. These games are DOTA 2, Heroes of the Storm, Smite and League of Legends. All games are set to their highest possible graphics settings at 1080p resolution and with the V-Sync turned off. Below are screenshots from the game.

Zotac GTX 950 League of Legends Benchmark Zotac GTX 950 Smite Benchmark

Zotac GTX 950 Heroes Of The Storm Benchmark Zotac GTX 950 DOTA 2 Benchmark

Zotac GTX 950 AMP MOBA Game Benchmark

The Zotac GTX 950 AMP! Edition may seem overkill for League of Legends, nevertheless it offers a very smooth gaming experience for DOTA 2, HotS and Smite, with frame rates above 60 fps. If you are using a 1440p monitor, these frame rates will drop, but the GTX 950 can still handle these MOBA games at 1440p resolution.

In addition to the MOBA games above, I also tested the said graphics card with the Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward and Monster Hunter Online games. I used their respective benchmarking tools to gauge the performance. See the results below.

Zotac GTX 950 AMP Heavensward Benchmark

Zotac GTX 950 AMP Monster Hunter Online Benchmark

Now let’s see how the Zotac GTX 950 AMP! Edition performs with graphics intensive games.

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