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Zotac GeForce RTX 4070 Graphics Cards Are Now Available

Reviews for NVIDIA‘s latest mid-range graphics card, the GeForce RTX 4070, went live yesterday. And so far, it has received an “okay” feedback from the review community. People are not blown away by it, but it’s currently the more reasonably-priced GPU in the RTX 40 series lineup. It performs on par with the RTX 3080 in 1080p and 1440p while consuming much less power. Zotac‘s custom-designed RTX 4070 graphics cards are now available, and so far, most of its cards are sticking to the $599 MSRP, except for the more premium AMP AIRO model. You can check out more details about Zotac’s RTX 4070 graphics cards, including where to buy, from the official news release below.

Zotac GeForce RTX 4070 Graphics Cards Are Now Available

Zotac Gaming Announces The Geforce RTX 4070 Series Powered By Nvidia Ada Lovelace Architecture

ZOTAC Technology Limited, a leading global manufacturer of innovation, announces the latest addition to its next-generation graphics card lineup, built on the powerful NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture.

The GeForce RTX 4070 GPU includes all the advancements of the NVIDIA® Ada Lovelace architecture, including the new standards in gaming such as DLSS 3 neural rendering and real-time ray-tracing technologies. Starting at $599 USD, the GeForce RTX 4070 runs most modern games at over 100 frames per second at 1440p resolution.

The 4070 series carries over the aerodynamic-inspired design and many key innovations introduced in previous 40-series cards, which improves gaming performance, airflow, cooling performance, noise mitigation and durability. The ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 4070 features 12GB GDDR6X ultra-fast memory and will come in 4 models: AMP AIRO, Trinity, Twin Edge OC and Twin Edge.

Zotac GeForce RTX 4070 AMP AIRO

The 4070 AMP AIRO leads the performance pack which fuses the flagship AIR-Optimized aesthetics into a slim 2.5 slot design. With its advanced Icestorm 2.0 cooling, dual-zone Spectra 2.0 ARGB lighting, and a strong factory overclock, the 4070 AMP AIRO is the series’ go-to graphics card for high performance.

Zotac GeForce RTX 4070 TRINITY

Using cooling technologies derived from the flagship model, the 4070 Trinity encompass a trio of powerful cooling fans, a large heatsink that covers the card’s footprint and beyond, noise-reducing enhancements, durability reinforcement and addressable RGB elements. The result is a trifecta of power, performance, and cooling that packs a serious punch.

Zotac GeForce RTX 4070 TWIN EDGE (OC)

Measuring in at only 2.2 slots wide, the Twin Edge and its OC Variant is a powerful graphics card in a purposefully designed compact footprint, enabling powerful high-performance SFF PC builds.

The Advanced ICESTORM 2.0

The ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 4070 Series utilizes IceStorm 2.0 – our advanced cooling solution designed to take on the latest GPUs. Featuring a card-length heat sink, composite copper heat pipes, and open ventilation where cooling is optimized for peak graphics performance.


The dedicated SPECTRA 2.0 lighting system found on 3-fan models enables vibrant colored lighting with unique animated effects powered by addressable RGB LEDs. The AMP AIRO, in particular, is enhanced by an iridescent and translucent coating that allows lighting paths underneath to shine through.

FireStorm For 40 Series

The new ZOTAC GAMING FireStorm Utility for 40 Series features an entirely re-designed interface that transforms GPU fine-tuning into a more intuitive task. The new software comes with a host of options that include clock speed, GPU memory frequencies, voltage, fan speed, fan curve settings, and SPECTRA RGB lighting effects.

Pricing and Availability

The ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 4070 Series will be available starting April 13, 2023 Pacific and to enable a wider gaming audience reach, 50% of global product availability will be at MSRP. Local availability is dependent on regional supply and delivery. For the latest pricing and availability, kindly visit the links below. (#ad)

Zotac RTX 4070 AMP AIRO is available on here.
Zotac RTX 4070 Trinity is available on here.
Zotac RTX 4070 Twin Edge OC is available on here.
Zotac RTX 4070 Twin Edge is available on here.

Find out how NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 4070 performs in our review here. Or check out some of the best RTX 4070 cards here.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Series GPU Specifications

Graphics CardRTX 4070RTX 4070 TiRTX 4080RTX 4090
Fabrication ProcessTSMC 4N NVIDIA Custom ProcessTSMC 4N NVIDIA Custom ProcessTSMC 4N NVIDIA Custom ProcessTSMC 4 nm NVIDIA Custom Process
Transistor Count35.8 billion35.8 billion45.9 billion76.3 billion
ArchitectureAda LovelaceAda LovelaceAda LovelaceAda Lovelace
Graphics Processing Clusters45711
Texture Processing Clusters23303864
Streaming Multiprocessors466076128
CUDA Cores58887680972816384
Tensor Cores184 (4th Gen)240 (4th Gen)304 (4th Gen)512 (4th Gen)
RT Cores46 (3rd Gen)60 (3rd Gen)76 (3rd Gen)128 (3rd Gen)
Texture Units184240304512
Boost Clock2475 MHz2610 MHz2505 MHz2520 MHz
Memory Clock10500 MHz10500 MHz11200 MHz10501 MHz
Memory Data Rate21 Gbps21 Gbps22.4 Gbps21 Gbps
L2 Cache Size36864 KB49152 KB65536 KB73728 KB
Total Video Memory12 GB GDDR6X12 GB GDDR6X16 GB GDDR6X24 GB GDDR6X
Memory Interface192-bit192-bit256-bit384-bit
Total Memory Bandwidth504 GB/s504 GB/s716.8 GB/s1008 GB/s
Texture Rate455.4 Gigatexels/sec626 Gigatexels/sec761.5 Gigatexels/sec1290.2 GigaTexels/sec
Connectors3 x DisplayPort 1 x HDMI3 x DisplayPort 1 x HDMI3 x DisplayPort 1 x HDMI3 x DisplayPort 1 x HDMI
Minimum Power Supply650 Watts700 Watts750 Watts850 Watts
Total Graphics Power (TGP)200 Watts285 Watts320 Watts450 Watts
PCI Express InterfaceGen 4Gen 4Gen 4Gen 4
Release DateApril 2023 January 2023 November 2022October 2022
Launch Price$599 $799 $1,199 $1,599
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