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Zotac SONIX PCIe SSD NVMe Unleashed – See Specs, Features and Price

Zotac has officially announced and released the Zotac SONIX PCIe SSD. It’s the first consumer level PCIe SSD with NVME 1.2 from the company and it will compete against other NVMe PCIe SSDs on the market like the already available Samsung 950 Pro. Currently, the Sonix is available in 480GB capacity, with sequential read / write speeds of up to 2,600MBps and 1,300MBps respectively. It’s geared towards enthusiasts, power users, gamers and proconsumers who are looking for the fastest storage solution available. Check out the Zotac Sonix specs, features and price below.

Zotac Sonix PCIe SSD NVME-05

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Zotac SONIX PCIe SSD with NVMe 1.2 Released

ZOTAC International, a global manufacturer of innovation, is pleased to introduce the flagship solution for data and gaming, SONIX PCIE SSD, a brand new addition to the growing arsenal of fast SSDs. SONIX is aimed at enthusiasts, introducing top-of-the-line high performance SSD product for serious gaming, productivity, and enterprise. Each SONIX product undergoes rigorous testing and is fine tuned to ensure that it meets the highest performance standards.

The first foray into the PCI Express based storage, SONIX is the first consumer level NVMe 1.2 PCIE SSD from ZOTAC where it significantly improves performance over SATA based SSDs. With read and write speeds up to four times that of a 2.5-inch SATA SSD, SONIX includes 512MB DDR3 of high-speed cache for tasks that demand next generation speeds.

Zotac Sonix PCIe SSD NVME-01 Zotac Sonix PCIe SSD NVME-02

With SONIX, the door is open to a wider array of applications. Useful for loading large databases, resource-heavy applications, multitasking, multimedia applications and gaming, SONIX is the answer to demand for greater speed and reliability.

The Zotac SONIX features NVMe 1.2 PCIE Gen3 interface with x4 lanes capable of delivering sequential read and write speeds up to 2,600 MBps and 1,300 MBps for ultra-responsive performance. The SSD is powered by a Phison E7 controller and stacked with Toshiba MLC flash memory. Protected by technologies including End-to-end Data Path Protection and Dynamic Wear Leveling, SONIX is fast and reliable with an MTBF of up to 2,000,000 hours.

SONIX is a flexible addition for any system as it comes bundled with standard and low-profile brackets to fit even in slim profile system builds. A durable metal housing with a stylish minimal design protects all things fast.

Zotac Sonix PCIe SSD NVME-03 Zotac Sonix PCIe SSD NVME-04

Zotac SONIX PCIe SSD Specifications

  • End to End Data Protection
  • SmartRefresh
  • SmartECC
  • MTBF 2,000,000 hrs
  • SmartFlush
  • Static and Dynamic Wear Leveling
  • Bad Block Management
  • TRIM
  • S.M.A.R.T
  • GuaranteedFlush

Zotac SONIX PCIe SSD NVMe Specifications

Price and Availability

The company hasn’t disclosed yet the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of the Zotac SONIX PCIe SSD. But guessing from the current PCIe SSDs available on the market, the 480GB variant might be around $300 USD (wild guess). The Zotac Sonix includes a low-profile adapter and the company is offering a 3-year warranty.

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