Best Open-Back Headphones for Gaming – 2021 Edition

Best Open-Back Headphones for Gaming

I was looking for some of the latest and best open-back headphones that are not only good for listening to music but are also great for gaming as well. I noticed that most of the pages or top search results have similar suggestions or recommendations; feels like “copy-paste”. Not only that, I felt that whoever …

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Audeze LCD-GX Audiophile Gaming Headphone Announced – See Features, Specs and Price

Audeze recently revealed the newest member of their LCD series – the Audeze LCD-GX Audiophile Gaming Headphone. Well you weren’t expecting that it would be a “gaming headphone” right? Me neither. Audeze has the Mobius, and it’s a really good multimedia / 3D surround / gaming headphone as well. But there are gamers who are …

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